It is actually a quite lovely day today – lots of sun. In Alaska – in November – lots of sun genearlly means lots of C.O.L.D. But not this time. While it is a bit chillier than the last few days when we had cloud cover, it is not nearly as cold as it was the previous three weeks. It is still above zero and that is a very nice thing.No – I still haven’t zipped up my coat. Yes – I am still wearing just a fleece jacket – although I do wear a sweater under it most days. No – I have not broken out the boots yet. Yes, Lessa has (hahahaha). Hubby moose is still wearing his birks but he HAS put on fleece socks over his regular socks. (a small concession to the weather)

There has been a flurry of activity and emails from the writers group – regarding our annual (this will be the 10th!) writers night.

First everyone had to be polled to see if we really wanted to do it.

Then we had to decide on a location – it was pretty much hands down for the Triumvirate Theatre because they offered to let us do it there for free.

Then we had to decide on a date – which was dependent upon WHERE, you see. Sadly – for me – it will be on the Boy’s 15th birthday. (OMG!!! I canNOT believe he is going to be 15! That’s how old I was when I met hubby moose!) Anyway – because of that, I may or may not be involved in the festivities this year. And, that is okay with me. The Boy is much more important to me.

Day 29 of continuous posting – it is almost like “the good old days” when I used to be on the computer incessantly. Now I sometimes struggle to get the posts written in good time. But, here it is, here am I, and here are you.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. Lessa says:

    HEY now… I still have my birks and wear them most of the time, cept when my toes might get snow on them. but? I still don’t wear socks, and only wear a sweatshirt. So neener. *L*

  2. Lessa says:

    And. Ahem. Scroll down to the pictures at the bottom of this page. They look familiar? They should. So should that pirate with the cammie dorag on the left hand side of the middle picture…

  3. nana moose says:

    hey! I KNOW that pirate!

  4. Lessa says:

    *L* Yeah, me too. And. Harumph. I *took* all three of those pictures. Nice of me to give him that booklet, huh?

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