and here we are – at the last day of NaBloPoMo – and at the last day of November. (funny how THAT worked out, eh, Moosie?)The last few weeks have been interesting ones at the moosie household. There has been some angst – some tears – some frustration – and, yes, even some joy.

hmmmm – sounds like a normal household on any give day, doesn’t it?

I think I am looking forward to tomorrow. Not just to say TGIF, but to say TGID (Thank God, it’s December!) Time to begin looking forward – working my way out of the muddle – going onward and growing upward – to a new me – toward a new year.

Wha? Nah, don’t fret and stew about it. Life goes on and so do we.

oh – I understand some folks are talking about continuing NaBloPoMo on into December. Sorry, folks, but you can count me out on that one. I’ll still be posting – and it just MIGHT be everyday. But I am NOT going to worry about it if I miss a day – right? right!

Happy last day of November, everyone. (We’re expecting a big snow storm today – upwards of 8 inches over the weekend. Yay!)

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  1. Lessa says:

    Whew! As for me? I actually have a GUEST POST that’ll go up for tomorrow that I didn’t even write (thus, you know, the ‘guest’ part. Sheesh Lessa. *rolls eyes at self*). I’m such a rebel!

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