at the beginning of the month – the beginning of the year – I mentioned a book I had just finished – @ Home for the Holidays by Meredith Efken.

Shortly after I finished that book my boss brought in a tub chock full of books to share. I snagged a grocery bag’s worth. She has great taste in reading and is generous with her bounty. I am always out for a new read and so snagged away.

So, in the  past two weeks, these are the books I have finished and highly recommend to you all.

The first I completed was Pigtopia by Kitty Fitzgerald. This poignant and thought provoking book was also a bit disturbing. It is hard to read of cruelty – against a human being – by other (so-called) human beings. Fiction – but oh, so believable.

I began to read Gilead by Marilynn Robinson, only to be introduced to another before I could finish it – so I read them simultaneously. It depended on the time of day and where I was which book I had in my hands.

First, Gilead. This is a long letter from a dying old preacher (77 years old) to his 7 year old son (by a second marriage after his first wife and child died.) There is much angst over what he would have his son know – and what he learns about himself and those around him while in the process of writing the letter.

Absolutely wonderful read! I know such a preacher and I found myself thinking I wish he would read this book to get an insight to himself. Then realized I was getting an insight to my pastor/preacher by reading about this one. It’s a good read – not overly religious – very human – and heart-touching. I finished it today.

And, the book my boss handed me just after I began Gilead was New Stories from the South: the Year’s Best, 2006, edited by Allan Gurganus and Kathy Pories. I finished it yesterday and returned it as was requested by my boss. (all of the rest of the books are welcome to find new homes, although I do take them back as I finish them – to allow someone who wasn’t as quick or sticky-fingered as I to enjoy them as well.)

As can be figured out by the title – it is a book of short stories and they have an underlying current running through them – the South. All happened either IN the south or TO southerners. Pathos, angst, “the” war, slavery, humanity . . . all are covered. It is a wonderful read. When you click on the link you will see that there are other issues as well – seems there is a volume published every year.

Okay – here it is just the 24th of the first month of 2007 and I have read four books this year! I’ll report later what my next selection has been.

Our receptionist is out this week so I am doing desk duty. It’s a lovely thing to be paid to sit and read all day. And, I am free to do just that – as long as the phone gets answered, the mail gets sorted, faxes handled, people let in and out of the door, coffee made, etc. Lovely, just lovely.

So – what are YOU reading?????

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  1. Angela Siwy says:

    My fave hobby also is reading. Have you read anything by Terry Pratchett? He is an author that will make you chuckle, no matter the mood your in. He writes fantasy with a twist. I enjoy nonfiction, sci-fi, and the occasional horror. Hope all is healthy, and happy in your household. Angela

  2. Hi, Angela

    yup I have read Pratchett – was introduced to him by several British friends of mine.

    thanks for stopping by – and for commenting!

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