I have worked my way through the bag of books brought in by my boss. Here are the latest titles I’ve added to my 2007 reading list. By the way, my boss LOVES southern flavor and most of the titles I have read from her books are set in the south. Just an interesting little tidbit.

Sweetwater Creek Anne Rivers Siddons (finished 2/16/07)

 Meet Emily, a lonely girl who trains Boykin Spaniels by thinking to them – feel her joy in her companion, Elvis; her loss of a beloved brother; her painful separation from family; her joy comes slowly in her growing up. A good, thoughtful read.

Rush Home Road  by Lori Larsens (finished 2/12/07)

Sharla Cody is abandoned – left to be cared for by an aging “Mum-Addy”. The story is full of two people who learn to love and to let go of past heartaches in that learning.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards (finished 2/18/07)

Could you give your child away? Could you send your child to the asylum? The year is 1964. A doctor is forced to deliver his own (unexpected) twins. . . .

The story will clutch your heart and pull you into its grip. A MUST read!

I have just begun to read Teacher Man: a Memoir by Frank McCourt. I greatly enjoyed his first two books, Angela’s Ashes and ‘Tis and figure I will finish this book by the end of the week. After that? Well, I have some trashy paperbacks waiting for me. They will have to do until my boss  brings in another tote full of books, or until some of my coworkers finish the ones they took home and bring them back like I have been doing.

Sigh – yes, I will even list the trashy books I read here. I am an eclectic reader and you might as well know that – as well as how far my eclecticism goes (is that even a word?).

In other news – the geneology bug seems to have bitten me. Now that I have one aunt living on my mother’s side and one aunt living on my father’s side – NOW I get bitten by the bug – NOW when the answers are much harder to come by – NOW!!!!

humpf! You all KNOW just how much I need one more thing to occupy my time, right?

it started when I went to the library to meet with the knitting group – see, electic, I tell you. More to follow.

(p.s. my desktop computer is still fritzing out on me – Lessa and I are making a trip to the big city this weekend – may come home with some new hardware. Yay!  Well, we will see if my dislike of spending money on myself wins out over my NEED to be online!)


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  1. mary lou says:

    I Love Anne Rivers Siddens books, I thought I had read them all, but that one does not ring a bell. I may have to visit amazon.com

  2. deb says:

    I really enjoyed The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, too 🙂
    I’ve also thought about reading McCourt’s new book and I’ve picked it up a couple of times in the bookstore only to set it down and choose something else.

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