Hubby moose works as a Shadow at the middle school near our house. He works with a 6th grader and has a heart for each of the kids who cross his path daily.

One little girl is very ill – leukemia – and the parents of her classmates and others have been doing things to fundraise to help the family with the mounting expenses.

The latest event was a mass hair cutting of ponytails to be sent to Locks of Love.  The stylists worked for free – those who simply wanted their ponytails cut and sent to the charity paid no money. Those who wanted a bit of styling paid $25 which was, in turn, collected for the family.

A few days ago hubby came home and said he had made a wager with a teacher at the school – a male who has a very nice long ponytail. The women in the office had been after the man to get his hair cut for the fundraiser. He was reluctant (his SO wouldn’t like it) so hubby moose told him that if HE did it hubby moose would do it! (Hubby moose is VERY secure in his manhood!)

GASP! Hubby moose has NOT cut his hair in about 6 years, friends!

Well, when hubby told me this, I offered to pony up the $25 for each of them if the other teacher would do it. Nope, nada, his lovely lady said no way.

Hubby Moose is not that shy about it – he made his appointment – and last night was the big event. I don’t know how much money they raised, but this is one of the results:

artresses Before – 6 years of growth


hairbgone  after hair be gone!

It’ll grow back – it’s probably the last haircut he’ll have for another 6 years! Fellas, please note the hat crease! He wears a cowboy hat or a ball cap constantly to shade his eyes from the glare due to his vision problems. I tell him that he is cutting off the oxygen to his head and that is why his hair is thinning. He won’t listen. 😮


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  1. Lisa says:

    I was reading this and going “awwww… so sweet of him… what a nice guy…” and then I got to the end. Cutting off his oxygen and making his hair thin. HAHAHAHAHAHA I cannot stop laughing.

  2. MotherFury says:

    Give Mr. Moose a hug from me. What a wonderful, tender-hearted, guy!!

  3. mary lou says:

    Actually it is a proven fact that men who wear hats all day, DO lose their hair!

    He looks so HANDSOME now!!! too bad he wont keep it short!

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