While hubby was doing the dump run and attending a weekly training, I decided to start working on this room – this little space I can call all mine – where my computer hides and my yarn collection hides and I have books upon books and paper upon paper . . . that room.

Oh, my! Whattamess!

It’s far from finished, but I have at least gotten started – did some shredding, some tossing and some pile moving. Whee!

Then hubby moose and I took Master D out for his shopping day with us – we had linner (late lunch/early dinner) at his favorite place (no, not the arches – thank God he has outgrown that!) and then went off to do the weekly shopping. Our cart was more full and the bill a bit steeper than it has been over the past few months – oh, wait . . . school started! That’s right – three of the grands come down for breakfast before school now.

😉 We love it.

I also love the fact that I came home to a much nicer smelling house. And, the fridge?! Spotless! I looooooooooooove it!

If I had thought about this sooner I would have hired someone to clean a loooooonnnnggg time ago. It’s only the kitchen, bathroom and living room, but that is spectacularly wonderful, I’m telling you.

Thanks, missy – and you know who you are.

Hope you’re all having  a fine weekend. I canNOT believe that our summer is just about over. With school starting and the topping out of the fireweed, can snow be far behind???

Yeah, I thought not. I told a coworker the other day that he and I need to get together on our respective calendars so that we can plan our holiday time off. No, not together, sillies! He and I co-facilitate three groups a week and it would be better if we both took the same time off for the holidays – that way classes don’t have to be cancelled.

So – I’m out of here for now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay dry, all of you!