Daily Archives: November 6, 2008

Well, okay . . . only ONE thing for tonight.

I co-facilitate a group twice a week. It can get pretty stressful because of the subject matter the participants are discussing . . . so . . .

tonight as I was leaving I said something to the facilitator . . . “I’m sorry about . . .” and she stopped me and said some wise words . . . “You sure do a lot of apologizing here!”

She said it in a forthright manner – not judging or anything – but a bit incredulous, I think. So I said the very first words that came to my lips . . . “Oh, I’m sorry.” And, then we both chuckled.

But I have been thinking about it ever since (okay, it only happened half an hour ago, still . . .) and I’ve been trying to figure out why it is that I do it. Because I know I do apologize a lot – for things that either I have no control over – or that I didn’t do in the first place – or that bear no need for apology anyway.

A psycholanalyst could probably have fun with it – and with me – but I don’t feel like putting out big bucks for someone to sit in a chair with a notepad, totally not into whatever I’m saying – or “guessing” totally wrong about the reasons I might do this or some other sort of thing.

I guess it’s a part of me I need to work on – apologize if I do something wrong to someone – apologize if I am at fault – but if it is something that I have no control over, then just leave it to the world to sort out.

Sound like a plan? Yeah, I think so, too.

btw . . . welcome back to Linda’s Ice Coffee Blog!!! Whoot!