The internet used to be such an innocent place, back in the day, didn’t it? Oh, you could always find the pron sites if you were off looking for one. These days? You don’t have to go too far to find a (generally married) man or woman seeking the company of another for a “discreet” meet-up.

Most often the meet-ups are online – never face to face (or back to face if you will) so they are termed “innocent” by many. After all . . . the deed was never done – right? Right? (which means it’s not adultery???)

Yeah, whatever.

My question is this . . . what exactly are these folks seeking? What is accomplished? What do they really get?

Do the women posting their pictures understand what might happen to those pictures? I guess that could be aimed at the men as well.

And, while social networking sites COULD be helpful when seeking work, they could just as well, HURT your job searching abilities.

Oh, I know we’re all adults here – and I know I’m likely preaching to the choir, but folks get caught up in such things and we all know how clicking links can take us down the garden path so to speak. I’m sure that at one point or another each one of us has landed in a spot wondering how in the world we got there. And, it goes on from there.

So – yes, I have a facebook page and yes, I have a myspace page, but I could not tell you the last time I logged in to either one of them. This page is my social outlet. I’ve met so many of you (online and in real life) by posting here and at previous pages like this one.

I have several internet friends – none of whom send me all a-twitter (pun intended). We don’t go into private chatrooms to discuss body parts and what we would do with each other’s (body parts).

I don’t go looking for nekkid men (or women) whether they live close to me or not. I don’t talk about my sex life online. I’m not looking to find someone to meet my needs online. It’s just not in me to do it.

What others say . . .

Is Having and Online Wife Adultery?

Do You Consider Online Affairs to be Adultery?

There’s a lot more out there. I’m fully aware folks may not agree with my thoughts on this subject. Actually, I know for a fact that some do not. However . . .

I also know for a fact that it hurts when someone you love does those things.

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  1. batgrl says:

    I’m totally with you just looking at this sort of thing and shaking my head. I’m on Facebook – but only to peek in and get email addresses of people I’ve lost track of – and I don’t link my blog there or post as batgrl. If anything I’m more suspicious of strangers that I don’t know online – but then I also feel completely differently about people whose blogs I’ve been reading for years. So….hmmm. I guess I don’t have a set rule, heh.

    Except for the photos – what ARE those people thinking?! Yeek! But then I hate even normal photos of myself – which is why I’m usually seen making a face or rolling my eyes.

    I’m also going to have to start putting on my resume – “note: the me you will Google up is not actually me! I’m not found on the net under my real name! Also I never blog about work or people I know – I’m old fashioned and consider that impolite.”

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