Checking in for the Artist’s Way challenge – week 4.

It’s been an interesting week at work – which plays into my thoughts and emotions for this challenge. We’ve had drama, crises, blow-ups and even a few “normal” hours/days tossed in there.

Or maybe I’m just reacting to such things differently. Opening myself up more.

6 of 7 morning pages completed for the week. Missed Sunday be- okay, I was gonna give an excuse here, but no excuses necessary. I missed one day out of 7 so I’m going to cut myself some slack and say “atta-girl”!

Have been working through some stuff in the pages – interesting how that works. I notice that I am dreaming and remembering the dreams on an almost nightly basis. Some of them are bizarre – or seem to be. My mind is trying to tell me something.

Artist’s Date: took several hours Saturday to participate in a designing challenge from a dishcloth group at Drew my signature moose, then began to graph it. After graphing it, I wrote the pattern out (a challenge in itself) and then did a test knit.

A bit too big for a dishcloth so re-graphed and am now doing a test knit on that pattern. It’s a work in progress – something I’ve not tried to do before. I gave myself permission to try – to fail – and to try again. So all in all a pretty good week.

Have begun reading chapter 5.