Okay – first I am going to give myself an attagirl! Five weeks I have been working at The Artist’s Way. Five weeks I have been writing Morning Pages. Five weeks I have been checking in. Way to stick to it, Moosie.

This week has been long at work – all work weeks are long, I’m sure. Writing my pages is opening me up to thoughts I’m not sure I’m ready for – especially when it comes to work.

However, at a meeting – or rather, after a meeting – this week I stayed long enough after to talk with a couple of women. Both knew of this book and both encouraged me to keep at it. Also, as I shared with them how I am feeling more OPEN to whatever the future holds in store for me (as regards work, etc.) they were very supportive.

No decisions have been made – I will continue to be open and see where both the pages and my life take me.

Artist’s Date: Drove over to Soldotna to Arc Lake this morning. That’s a picture of it at the top of this post. So quiet – even just a few feet away from the busy highway. Saw a golden eagle flying eye level in front of me. Awesome! Heard robins and squirrels in the trees. Watched a couple of ducks fishing for breakfast on an otherwise still lake. Wrote in my journal.

I love these quiet times I give myself.

Drove on further down the road toward Kasilof – stopped to take a picture of the Museum area. Wasn’t open, but tucked that possibility away for when my cousin gets here in three weeks. Also spotted a road called Ogre Way. Took a pic with my phone and sent it to her. She LOVES Shrek. We will try to get a picture of her with the sign when she’s here.

So – on to week #6 which is the half-way point for the book. I am curious to what happens next.

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  1. barbara says:

    fulfilled a two week old promise – and bought myself flowers for the office. 🙂 ’bout time I did that for me.

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