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“It only comes once a year. It’ll be fun.”

Marnie Grimm coaxed Henry into submission. She knew once he got into costume and she got him out the door he’d have a good time. Fright Night was a big deal in their little town. Even they could dress in costume to walk among other town folk.

Marnie was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, holding a leash attached to a diamond studded collar around Henry’s throat. He wore an old-fashioned nightgown and cap over his furry head.

“Ooooh, Gramma. What big teeth you have!” Marnie crooned seductively into his ear.
Okay here is a FRIGHTFUL entry for this week’s 100 Word prompt HALLOWEEN.

Edited to add: I missed the REAL prompt – which is HALLOWEEN, so I will likely do another piece. As I’ve already submitted this piece, I will leave it up. Chalk it up to the cold I have. 🙂

This week’s prompt is Grief, Frailty, and Fright. The following is my take on that. I want to be like this couple – taking the end of life on with style and grace.
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. After living together for 40 years, investing all in their children, they had established communication again. They touched, talked, loved.

Then the pronouncement: she had end stage cancer and he was going to lose her. They weren’t ready to hear that. Life, indeed, was too short.

They held onto each other tighter and decided to live the last days with joy. Family gathered ‘round for photos and shared laughter.

On her final day each received her blessing. She closed her eyes for the last time with a smile.
Several years ago I wrote a ghoulishly spooky poem. It has been read on local radio – and not so local radio – by a friend in the news biz. It was too long to fit the 100 words criteria, but I will share the link here if you want a bit of a scary tickle. 🙂

Maya Angelou’s poem Phenomenal Woman is the basis for the current theme of Alaska Women Speak magazine (deadline Nov. 15th). I’d like to introduce you to two of the phenomenal women in my life: my mother, Evelyn Ward Mulholland, and her mother, Lida True LeForge Ward Timmons Abbott. No, Grandma wasn’t a royal with all those names – she outlived three husbands.

That’s my Mom and me. Looks like an Easter Sunday. I can vaguely recall the picture being taken – or maybe I have just looked at it so much it seems like I remember it. Mom was an incredibly strong woman. She left an abusive relationship with my dad when I was 12 years old. Lookng at this picture with my 61 year old eyes – and with the knowledge my chosen field has brought me – I can see the stress in her face. My sister and I were always protected by her. I can only imagine the pain and suffering she endured.

That’s Grandma Abbott there – she was probably Timmons at the time. My younger sister is there to the left of the photo and I am the one in the newspaper hat. I loved hats – and she would take the time to help me learn to fold them.

I did not know my Grandpa Ward. He passed away before I was born. I remember Poppie Tim (as husband #2 was known). He ate peas lined up on his butter knife. And, we watched boat races with him and the family.

Grandpa Abbott drove (the last) Model A Ford – my sis and I loved to visit them in southern Ohio. They would load us up in the jalopey and we’d motor into nearby Athens, Ohio. Such fun. For awhile I thought he had purchased the very last Model A ever sold. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I realized it was the last model . . . not necessarily the last car of that model.

I know it’s not Mother’s Day, but I want to honor these two special women. They helped shape me into the woman I am today. I am truly blessed.

The roar of the waves quieted Rita’s thoughts. She’d headed straight from the office to the beach. This was her solace.

Here she could shake the dust off her feet. Volcanoes across the way drew her eyes skyward. She spotted a rainbow. It must be raining in the next town.

She had done what needed to be done. The job took its toll: a sure death of self had caused her to walk out that door. The workplace had stolen much of her inner being.

It felt good to end it that way.

Tomorrow it might not feel as good.

This week’s 100 Word Challenge by VV is QUIET. The above is my take on that and a continuation of Rita’s adventures in becoming a free spirit once again. Come and play with us – write your 100 words.

Rita hated the way she felt each day walking into her cubicle. She knew sooner or later the belittling would begin. It was covert, of course. It couldn’t be done outright. There are laws against that, you see.

Instead, the moves were insidious – most couldn’t see beyond her boss’ facade.

Rita wondered what people would think when the mass exodus of employees began. She wondered, but didn’t really care. Her desk was cleared. It was time.

Head high, she walked leisurely to the door, turned and winked at the receptionist. She threw a one-fingered salute and walked through door.

Satisfaction achieved.
Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word challenge this week is SATISFIED. Be sure to read the words of some very cool writers. And, maybe write your 100 too.