Daily Archives: November 12, 2011

I love the sound, the feel of them as they roll off my tongue. I love plays on words, but wince when used incorrectly.

Mother taught me to love words. A beautiful writer, she encouraged my sister and me to express ourselves well. When we copied the speech of aunts who said “boirl” and “oirl” she corrected us and told us we knew better because SHE had taught us better.

Writing is powerful. An expression of pent up fears, emotions, loves, and hates, I grow each time I tap out letters on my keyboard. Writing? It’s the ME of me.
In honor of NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writers Month) a 31 day period of time when folks drop all to write a complete novel – Velvet Verbosity gave us the option to write whatever we wanted about WRITING, staying within the 100 Words guideline of100 words: no more, no less. The above is my take on the theme. What 100 words expresses YOUR take on writing?

When even the Life Flight helicopter at the hospital wears a coat. 🙂 Yes, even the rotor blades are covered.

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