The CD played and she softly sang along: In the deep midwinter, snow on snow on snow.

Melancholy touched her spirit. It was this time of year, her formerly favorite time, when Roy had left for Iraq. He’d smiled and touched her forehead with his at the deployment center.

“Ah, my sweet love, I’ll be back before the deep midwinter. We’ll be together before snow piles on snow. I love you. I’ll see you soon.”

Her heart left North Carolina that day. She missed him terribly.

Roy’s rich tenor joined her alto and she looked up to find her joy.

I buy very little music, but one year I bought an album by an Anchorage couple with what is now my favorite piece of music, In the Deep Midwinter. The image of Snow on Snow on Snow is especially appropriate here in Alaska this year where we have had the aforementioned snows along with great winds. We are between power outages at the moment allowing me these few minutes to write. Ah midwinter!

This is in answer to Velvet Verbosity’s weekly 100 Word challenge: SNOW. You have time to write YOUR 100 words.

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  1. Carrie says:

    I like snow…in moderation. The snow on snow on snow thing might drive me crazy 🙂

  2. Tara R. says:

    I like pictures of snow. I don’t do snow very well. But this piece was very touching.

  3. Robin Hawke says:

    What a sweet take, loved it. Robin

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  5. Tag, you’re it. 🙂

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