Trying to get sleepy enough to sleep through the night – last night was rough. Hubby had a restless night full of tossings and turnings and snorings and snufflings . . . and I did the unforgivable – I looked at the clock! Argh! That, of course, meant I was unable to go back to sleep. So I got up, made my way to my chair and rested there, falling asleep just as my phone alarm went off. Typical.

So, while I am trying to be sleepy enough to go to sleep and stay there until 6 a.m., I’ve added two sub-pages for my pleasure. Maybe you will enjoy as well.

First – Crafty Moose: I want to track the amount of knitting I do in 2012, and this seems like a good way to do it. So far this year I have completed several hats and two scarves. On the needles I have another hat and a gift for one of my friends whose birthday is next week.

Second – Moose Browse: the names of books I have read in 2012. I read a lot . . . but I would like to slog my way through (and pass on) the huge pile of books collecting dust. So I am challenging myself to read – and list the books. So far, 4 for the year and I am reading a 5th.

Next week I am taking annual leave to celebrate my birthday. I hope to sleep in at least on Monday (best laid plans and that). I really should clean my house (nahhhhhh) one day. On Wednesday I am volunteering for Homeless Connect (where I will donate the hats I’ve made). The rest of the time? Yarn and books are crying out my name. I intend to answer.

So, go on over there to the right and click on the two new sub-pages and let me know your fave books or knits. Enjoy with me.