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Jamie knew what kind of day he’d had as soon as Andy’s feet hit the step to the garage door. “Okay, kids. Off to your rooms to finish your homework. We’ll have dinner soon. Let Daddy unwind for a bit. Here, take some carrot sticks with you.”

“This business. These people. This day.” Andy’s grumblings began the minute the door opened.

“They’re blessed to have you on the team, Andy. You give them everything you have everyday, in every way. Come and sit down for a bit while I finish dinner. You can tell me all about it.”

With a quick kiss on his cheek, Jamie took his lunchbox and led Andy to a kitchen stool. “Here, sweetie, nosh on these while I start the pasta. So, what’s one good thing and one bad thing about today?”

It was something she did with the girls each day after school. Jamie hoped it would help Andy, too.

“It’s so hard, Jamie. I feel like I can’t do enough to help. I met the most wretched woman today. She was dressed in about twenty layers. I think she had everything she owned on her back. I offered to help her with her bags and she started screaming obscenities. She thought I was trying to steal them. It breaks my heart.”

“And the good, sweetie?”

“The good? She told me her story and I cried. I couldn’t help myself. Suddenly she reached into one of her (many) pockets and pulled out a snow white hanky. She wiped my eyes dry of tears. It was like I was receiving her benediction.”

Andy hung his head. “I’m sorry I was grumbling when I came in, Jamie. I love you. It just hurts to see people living like that. We found her a bed in the women’s shelter, though. So she’s safe for a bit.

“Say! Where are my girls? Come give Daddy a hug, you munchkins. Mama has dinner ready. Susie, do you want to say grace tonight?”
above photo from Photoblog.

This week the editors at Trifecta asked us to write 33-333 words using the word WRETCHED in its third definition: being or appearing mean, miserable, or contemptible [dressed in wretched old clothes]

Kenai is being buried under snow. Yes, I know that Valdez and Cordova have gotten plenty more than we . . . but, this is HOME and affecting ME! lol

Had the driveway plowed out yesterday and it has not stopped snowing yet . . . in fact, my workplace has not been plowed and I am among many who will not be making it in to work today. Schools have a two-hour delay . . . pretty much unheard of around here.

Jamie, pass the Jaw Jelly. I think we can get the skull back before Professor Jones comes in. It’s times like these I’m glad Mom’s a taxidermist. There! Nobody can tell the difference.
Take 2 for Trifextra Week 5 Watching an old episode of Bones on tv and a product named Jaw Jelly came up. 🙂

Ah sweet mystery
Of life

To know who you are
To wonder why you are gone

To learn from the . . .

What’s this?

Tape on your forehead?
Why tape?


Bullet hole beneath
Ah, sweet Trifextra Editors, I have lots of questions about this picture: for one – why are they looking at it in their bedroom? Yeah, I don’t know either. The second thing that jumped out was that square of tape (?) on the forehead of the skull.

Sarah sat sullenly in the front pew of First Church of the Holy Redeemer. Sweat beaded on the preacher’s forehead and he used a (pure) white handkerchief to mop it. Sarah cringed as drops flew out into the sanctuary. She would swear (if it were permissible) that she felt some of that sweat flinging itself onto her white shift.

She felt a jab in her ribs as her mother whispered loud enough to be heard over the preacher’s shouting. “Pay attention, Sarah!”

She tried to pay attention, but the message was the same week after week. She and the other young girls were paraded to the front pews in their white shifts as props for the fat old man screeching from the pulpit. He would wring his hands and fold his black book over on itself, mop his brow and point and bounce up onto the balls of his feet.

“You see these girls? They come here in their white shifts, and sit with their hands folded in their laps. You believe they are pure? You believe they behave in their hearts, in their minds?


Sarah jumped in her seat. Preacher was looking at her, calling her out by her name.

“Sarah! Proverbs says ‘A fool spurns a parent’s discipline.’ You are a FOOL young woman! You have chosen wicked ways. You will be shunned by this house for a period of one month. You will not speak to any of this house and they will not speak to you. In one month you may come and repent to come back into the fold. GO!”

Sarah walked out of the building as all faces turned away from her. Shunnings had become commonplace at First Church. She was but the latest. A house was set aside for the punishment, but Sarah continued past it and walked down the road.

“A fool I may be, but I am no longer your fool”, she shouted towards the sky. “I am finally free.”

Trifecta’s challenge for week 15 was FOOL. My heart went immediately to scripture. Proverbs 15:5 says: A fool spurns a parent’s discipline, but whoever heeds correction shows prudence. I don’t believe in taking any scripture out of context as the above preacher is doing. I don’t believe in using it as a battering ram and a tool of punishment. Just wanted to get that out there. Sadly, there are some who do that and more. And, btw the church is also a “fig newton” of my imagination.