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Caroline was in tears. She let the lace slip through her fingers and cried. “This cannot be worn! Just look at the color!

“Mother warned me,” she hiccoughed. “Mother told me that if I hired cheap laborers I would get cheap and shoddy craftsmanship. Why didn’t I listen to her?”

“What are you muttering about, my dear?” Arnold folded his newspaper, took off his pince-nez and smiled on his wife of 20 years. “Whatever has you in a tizzy?”

“This, this lace! Look at it, Arnold! There is no way I can let Matilda wear this gown to the ball tomorrow night. What are we going to do? The Duke of Marzipan will be there and Matilda simply MUST look her best. What would he think if he saw this?”

“There, there, dear. I’m sure you can fix the problem. Would a lovely shawl help cover the problem area?”

More muttering came from Caroline as she again fingered the discolored lace. Her husband’s words penetrated the dark cloud she was under finally and a smile began to form. “Maybe . . . maybe we could snip this piece here and add a bouquet of wild flowers and ribbons there. It is at the waist. This just might work. Cook! Cook! Bring my sewing basket! I need scissors and thread and, oh, do go on, Cook. I need your help now.”

Arnold smiled, shook out his paper and blew out a contented sigh. All was right in Caroline’s world once again. Matilda would meet the Duke and would be introduced to the Court properly. And he? He could finish his paper and enjoy a quiet evening by the fire. Yes, that will do quite nicely.
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Those anything but CHEAP editors at Trifecta have given another challenge – use of the third definition for the word cheap (an adjective)

3 a : of inferior quality or worth : tawdry, sleazy [cheap workmanship]
b : contemptible because of lack of any fine, lofty, or redeeming qualities [feeling cheap]