Daily Archives: March 31, 2012

We have had a week of sunny, warm (for us) weather. As a result Kenai is taking on that brown, slushy, ugly look. Generally that sticks around for a few weeks. However, we are watching the snow recede at a rapid rate so we may get out from under the snow by the end of the month. (April, that is)

Oh, yeah . . . tomorrow is April 1st – hmmmmmm, I’ve been here long enough to see SNOW as an April Fool’s day gift.

While warming and melting are in the air, they aren’t the only things up there:

Wow, Moosie! A helicopter!

So, you might ask what is so unusual about seeing a helicopter? Well, we see them quite often – our house seems to be on their flight path as the medical choppers come to the airport from the hospital (or vice versa) for medical transport. We also see them going out to the oil platforms in Cook Inlet – delivering workers and supplies.

This chopper is doing neither of those things. It is transporting equipment out to various locations (this is on the “flats” near the Kenai River) to conduct seismic testing: Buccaneer is looking for gas/oil.

There are lots of orange ribbons on stakes and wiring harnesses hooked up to yellow boxes all around town, including our neighborhood.

Will they find anything? I don’t know. They are doing the equivalent of buying one of those elusive lottery tickets and hoping to hit the big jackpot. Remains to be seen.