The candidates approached the podiums as the audience settled into their seats. The applause died down.

The moderator spoke each name in turn and watched as each began to tremble.

8th grade class elections had never been more fun, she thought. It was her mission, as Social Studies teacher, to introduce the nuances of politics past and present to these students. It was her personal goal to see one go on from her class to bigger and better things. She dreamed of a future president looking into the camera and thanking HER for the push she gave him (or her).

VV asked for Tremble to be the focus of the week. I don’t often write about politics here – because it does make people tremble. And it makes me tremble to push – to prod – to work at other people’s scabs. I don’t like my own scabs picked.

But the above piece was inspired by the presidential debate which I am watching as I type.

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  1. I won’t go into politics either. At least not under the Velvet Verbosity “label”. I’m rather, uh, opinionated about such matters. ;D

    So funny how innocent school elections are compared to presidential elections. At that age it really is a popularity contest, but it may be the training ground for saying whatever will get you in office (no side taken or even implied in that last bit).

    Always a pleasure to see your contributions!

  2. Tara R. says:

    I could have never spoke in front of a group like that when I was in eighth grade.

  3. Lance says:

    I ran for eight grade vice president. Lost by 30 something votes. This took me back. Really well done with the tension of the moment.

  4. deana says:

    awe.. I remember middle school elections. What a good post!

  5. shakira says:

    I like the fact that you paid tribute to the influence of teachers. Indeed, many times, they are under appreciated. I know I myself have been blessed to be chosen to be groomed to who I am today. Kudos! Mine is here
    Have you a BLESSED WEEK!!!

  6. Ms. Marsha says:

    Loved it. School politics. There’s nothing more to make you tremble than that, in my opinion!

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