The news was greeted with sighs and wistful smiles. Hopes pinned on one candidate vanished with the flick of a wrist. Small town politics at its best, the race had been hard fought, harder won. Someone sobbed in his beer. The other hoisted an aged whiskey in salute.

“Good thing this only happens once every four years.”

“You’re right, Harold. If this campaign had lasted one more day you would have had a divorce decree acting as coaster to that glass.”

“Awww, Margie. C’mere and give me a kiss. My people are waiting. You and me, girl. You and me.”

Velvet Verbosity tells about an upcoming nerdery-competition held jointly with writers from the 100 Word Challenge and the Trifecta Writing Challenge, but does not forget to give us a 100 word challenge . . . VANISHED.

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  1. Very much into the current affairs. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Tara R. says:

    Very timely, and I’m sure similar conversations went on all across the country last night.

  3. Oy, I can’t even imagine being married to someone of the opposite political stance for this last election. The divisiveness felt record-breaking somehow, but I wonder if that isn’t just the social media era we live in.

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