The pollsters gathered ‘round mini-screens, fingers hovering over touchpads, waiting (im)patiently for the right moment. Jason sat near the window watching birds wheel against the blue skies.

“Jas! Get over here. We need your help with these calculations. The polls close in an hour. We need to be ready to close ‘em down with our latest, up-to-date exit polls. The major affiliates are on hold waiting for the numbers. Who do we say won? R’s or D’s?”

Shaking his head and muttering, he walked over to join the huddle. “I remember when we talked about the PEOPLE being the winners.”

Just in time for Election Day Lance chose a new song for the 100 Word Song project. This time it is The Replacements’ Election Day. Go on over, check it out and give it a go – give us your 100.