He leaned over
and whispered
sang her name
She nodded in time
Experienced? Yes
She was
He was

The sun rose over them
They greeted it with joy
They experienced each
And again

Making love to the
Guitar strings of her soul
Psychedelic peace
Pieces of their minds

She was
He was

Out in the open
Hidden in plain sight
Freely together
Until the end

They said it wasn’t acid
It was simply their time
Mixed metaphor of life
And death

Time to go
Time to say goodbye

She was
He was
Again and
written for Lance’s 100 Word Song. This week LeeRoy and Lance chose Are you experienced by Jimmy Hendryx. The above words are my reaction to the song.

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  1. t says:

    The rhythm to this was entrancing – just beautiful!

  2. Tara R. says:

    This poem could be musical lyrics on their own, wonderful.

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