I have not been able to write all week – busy at work, although that is not the real reason. My mind has been filled with despair, compassion, heartbreak, love, a myriad of emotions. I don’t really need to spell out the reasons, do I?

Things have rocked our world this week – explosions man-made and explosions chemical-based. Both types cost lives: lives of the innocent; lives of the guilty; lives of first reponders. Both types cost innocence: what do you tell your children when so much chaos and blood and fire and screams flash across your television and computer screens? How do you replace that innocence?

So, I find last week’s Trifecta challenge timely in retrospect and what I posted for the challenge meaningful (at least to me):

Mama, mama, I had a dream!

Tell me, child.

When I’m grown I’m going to tell how beautiful we can be if we only love one another.

That is a wonderful dream, son.
The comments from that post were interesting – people liked the innocence-sweetness of the child. Everyone missed the reference to the Doctor and his I have a dream speech. But, even that aside . . . wouldn’t we all like to reactivate that child-like simplicity? That dream of how beautiful we can be . . . if we only love one another?

I know that dream is what allows me to sleep.

Maybe it will allow me to begin again to create – to write. Until that time, I bid you good-night and sweet dreams and peace.

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  1. Tom MacInnes says:

    Hard to always know what is right during times of tragedy such as these. However, one thing I can reassure you aout is that you are not wrong. Love is, indeed, the answer to all that is good in life and the tonic for much of what isn’t. If you need something uplifting to focus upon then, go to the Trifecta Tumblr page and check out my beautiful Cheyenne and Hayley; two kids with the odds stacked against them but who, instead, are having shining moments because of books and writing and the support of good people like you. Life is still good. Sometimes, you just have to know where to look. 🙂

  2. Jester Queen says:

    Hugs and hearts. I couldn’t believe how closely those two things followed, one upon the other. It’s just heartbreaking.

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