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When Granny died, and after we had all cried, we trooped to the attic seeking the treasure chest. It was a simple and plain pine box, but special because Pappy had made it for her.

“My hope chest” she’d called it. She used to open it, if we’d been ‘specially good, and let us peek inside.

We’d try on her gauzy dresses. “From the olden days,” she’d croon. “Your Pappy and Granny could surely cut a rug back then.”

She’d let us hold Pappy’s gold pocket watch. “Gave him that the day we jumped the broom, I did.”

She allus called us her “packa younguns”.

“Remember to love each other, take care of each other. You need to band together. You are stronger together than you are by yourselves. That’s how Pappy and I were. I swan, when I lost him I lost some of my stren’th.”

Then, she’d close up the treasures again with a sigh and we’d go down to the kitchen for cookies and milk.

And now Granny’s gone on to dance again with Pappy. She left us with a smile on her face, and her hair? I’d a-sworn she was wearin’ a halo the way her hair glowed.

The old house had been left to the pack. We left the hope chest there in the attic. It was nice to know we could still find Granny and Pappy whenever we wanted.

photo from Adirondack Furniture
Written for trifecta’s challenge – BAND. These are my words . . . where are yours?

I turn towards Redoubt
Rising pinkly against blue sky
The tide rolls in
The silver of dip nets
Sparkle with water drops

Then a cry triumphant
Rings out against the dawn

For three weeks in July the mouth of the Kenai River boils with red salmon. Fish and Game opens a subsistence style fishery for Alaskans. I’ve been following it with pictures on facebook. The above is written for the weekend Trifecta challenge of COLOR.

I stand
At the edge of the water
Ring of flowers drifting
My aloha to you
Ending this stage of our
I will always love you
Miss you forever
My only love

Photo from photo bucket
written for the trifextra weekend challenge . . . use their three words (ring, water, stage) and add 30 more for a perfect trifecta of 33 words. These are mine . . . where are yours?

She flapped her arms as the cloud of insects swarmed over her head. “Miserable beasts!”

Derek hid a smile. This was the first crack in Katherine’s armor he’d ever seen.

Surprisingly, fishing had been her idea. He was country; loved to fish and hunt. Katherine had grown up in a more urban setting; loved frou-frou things like mani-pedis.

When she suggested they head to the Russian River to fish he simply said, “I’ll get the gear ready. Pack a lunch will you?”

Mosquitoes outnumbered salmon as they packed to leave.

“Can we come back sometime?”

“For you, my Katie love, anything!”
The fish are in, the fish are in, the fish are in! Craziness has settled onto “the Kenai” because the fish are in.

This post is written in response to TWO prompts . . . aren’t I just the adventurous one???? The trifecta editors asked for CRACK and Velvet Verbosity asked for FLAPPED.

Thank you to the editors at trifecta who chose my 3 Little Words as the top finisher. It is my first FIRST place! I am honored.

And, just for VV whose McShirty has just undergone hip surgery, and who wanted a margarita emailed . . . I hope this will help:

It is that time of year in small town ‘laska . . . dipnetting season. For less than three weeks hordes of ‘laskans head to my end of the state. They come with old clothes, waders, huge nets, coolers, and an enormous appetite for spending hours standing in frigid water up to their ‘pits seeking the ever elusive red salmon.

At the same time they seek reds local setnetters are, well . . . setting their nets and driftnetters are . . . drifting in Cook Inlet. The “sport” fishing guides are guiding their clients up and down the Kenai River in search of king salmon, but will take their share of reds as well.

And, I? I, whose hubby dislikes anything that swims (gasp!!) being offered to him on his dinner plate? I, who grew up with and LOVE eating fish (good old catholic background – fish on Fridays – to be blamed for that)? I, am relegated to watching from above . . . watching and taking pictures.

You can find them at my facebook home, but I will share a few with you here also.

click for larger view, of course

And . . . for your viewing pleasure . . . Mt Redoubt in my rearview