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Rotting away in the dark
festering, seething
Growing at great pace

Out! Into the light
Surgeon suctions

Patient awakens
asks the question

Did you get it?
The monster?

Is it gone now?


Above image is not MY kidney – image found in a google search.

the trifecta editors gave a 33 word weekend challenge – tell of a beast in an unusual place. The above is a true story – 7 years ago I underwent surgery for kidney cancer – a partial right nephrectomy. That means the surgeon only took part of my right kidney. I have had MRIs every year since. My last one was two weeks ago. I’m told all is well and I will not have to have another for two years. That is a blessing – begone, beastly monster!

Janelle poured two fingers of Bacardi. Raising her glass with just a hint of a smile she gazed out onto the city beneath her.

This day. This minute. This was her time. The children were off with James for his weekend. She had wrapped up her work week tidily. The internet, TV and phones were all shut off.

No noise.


Just herself, a snifter of rum, a good book and 72 hours.

“Damn! What the HELL was that?”

Janelle licked her fingers of the rum that had sloshed out when the thunder had roared past her penthouse window.
There, of course, is more to this story. However, in response to trifecta’s Nifty Ninety-Ninth challenge, the requirement was only 99 words using any word – any definition – from page 99 of the Oxford English Dictionary.

AND . . . this challenge will be community judged – that means the most clicks wins. (Yes, it’s an imperfect world) This week – if there are at least 99 entries – the winner will receive a $99 gift card to their favorite bookstore. (Look out River City Books!!) BONUS: if there are at least 198 entries there will be two gift cards given . . . 297? You guessed it – a perfect trifecta of THREE gift cards.

So, shoo! Go on off now and write. Then come back and vote. You know you wanna.

Chester! Get your lazy-ass self back in this house! You think you can break the bank and then waltz away Scott free? Not happenin’. Get back in there and clean up your mess!

The trifecta challenge this week: ASS in the third definition
3. (adverb/adjective) often vulgar—often used as a postpositive intensive especially with words of derogatory implication [fancy-ass]

And, that is about all I have to say about that.