Daily Archives: November 29, 2013

Stanley Hanklesmann had been on sabbatical long enough. That’s what the calendar said. A large red mark encircled the first day of December. WORK called him. Children must needs be saved. He could no longer wander at (his own) will. Instead he must again do the bidding of the powers that be.

Time to save the world, Stanley. You’ve had a year to laze on the sands. You’ve had a year to recharge your ever readies. You’ve gazed into your navel and had a glimpse of all that is good and holy. Now, my friend. Come back into the real world.

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*thanks to Dawn for asking about “must needs.” I guess I really show my age by using that expression. It’s an archaic form of speech, which I felt was fitting with Stanley’s demeanor. But I appreciate the opportunity to explain.

Ahhhh I looked it up for you. I really AM old, you see.
I wrote of Stanley Hanklesmann awhile back. He is a combination of several people I know. Their lives are given day in and day out to saving the children of my community. They don’t often get a sabbatical – they don’t take much time off to recharge their batteries. They often burn out before a sabbatical is recognized as a need. I salute these workers.

Written in answer to VV’s Challenge: glimpse