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Beauty in my town is apparent in summer. Blossoms and berries; salmon smoking on grills, halibut filling the freezer; sun browned babies playing in the surf.

Beauty in my town is apparent in the winter. Pure snowfalls, sledding, snowball fights; bundled up babies playing in snow forts.

Beauty in my hometown is apparent in its people. They complain about summer road whales and “idiot” drivers sliding on iced over roads. Yet they give and give again whenever there is a need.

Finding the beauty in my place is as easy as looking out my window or talking to my neighbor.

Written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge: FINDING

Wrinkled skin
Eyes once brilliant blue now faded and time-worn
Liver spotted hands, veined with lines of blue
Aging well?
Or simply aging
Each day brings another strand
Of gray in once blond tresses
Another line
Another wrinkle
Another sag and bag
We’re sliding down the hill of
Growing older
Laughing at youth long gone
Wishing for less painful
Of misspent youth
Or a well lived life
Soft in the middle
Paunchy where once muscled
Do I regret my years?
How could I?
Without the years there would
Be no you
No daughters
No grandchildren
No life
No love

written with LOVE for VV’s 100 Word Challenge: FADED.

It’s late summer and I
Sit on my stoop watching as
In the lane an old man weaves
Tales of magic from side to side
Or maybe he is just walking
Magic is strange that way
What to me is weaving tales
To you is an old man’s pride
Whimsy, I cry spellbound
Foolish you repeat shaking
Your head in disapproval
Play with me I beg
Not today – too busy you say
So I sit on the stoop
And listen for the whistling
Announcing magical lore
As the old man slowly
Makes his way toward
Whistling along
written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge: WHISTLING

Fouquier ॐ / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Mine was boring tan and orange, not the pink I wanted. But it was still great. We all had record players, a stack of 45s and our transistor radios. Every night when we were supposed to be doing homework we were spinning the Beatles and Herman’s Hermits and twisting to the sounds of Wolfman Jack late into the night.

Simpler days then. No cell phones. No internet. Our days were filled with school, chores, and homework – the latter often done with a Teen Magazine or Tiger Beat in the center of the Geometry book.

I miss those carefree days sometimes.

written for Velvet Verbosity’s prompt TRANSISTOR.

I find that the busier I am, the less time I spend here in my little corner of the world. Sorry if you came by and found the corners a tad dusty. Once upon a time I was here on a daily basis. I wrote vignettes about small town Alaska living and offered daily peeks into my world. Hi there, won’t you come in and sit a spell?

Then I began to answer writing challenges and the pieces you could find hereabouts were fictional or poetic looks into my imaginary world. Sadly one of those challenges is no more. Even more sad, the one challenge left that I choose to write for, well – I write pieces and never get them uploaded. Trust me, it’s not them – it’s me.

Someone asked me on the 4th of July as hubbymoose and I visited her Dad – do you have enough visitors to your website to make it worth having? Hmmmm – well, I have no clue how many people might stop by here. I gave up looking at those stats a looooooong time ago. Basically, this little corner of the world is still just my hangout. I love when people stop by and drop a note as they leave. Too many times, however, they never leave a comment. So, if you are peeking in? I’m over here on the other side of the screen waving to you.

I am still doing some writing . . . am in the newest issue of Alaska Women Speak with a poem, a short piece and two photos.