I recently took a trip to Boston to meet my “imaginary” friends as hubbymoose calls them. This is not my first such trip to meet folks I’ve known online. I trust it will not be my last. It is so much fun to meet face to face and to hear the voices of those folks who have shared many milestones through blog-dom and facebook over the years.

I love brick and I love quirky architecture – this post will show some of the great buildings in and around Boston. Many thanks to Ms. Shelley for sharing her lovely city.

A couple of things of note . . .
I crossed the FINISH line of the Boston Marathon several times while there. Each time brought my thoughts to the victims of that senseless tragedy.

Fenway Park – for all my baseball lovers out there.

The taped sign . . . in Alaska that would be Duck (TM) Tape, of course – and the pineapple of welcome (spotted also in Rhode Island later in the week)

Some of these pics were taken while driving around the city with Ms. Shelley. Others were taken while I traipsed around on foot getting lost in the city. 🙂

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  1. shelley t says:

    I loved seeing my city through your eyes, Moosie, and loved meeting you even more. <3

  2. Tara R. says:

    Boston is a great city for building watching. Love the decorative window cases.

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