Daily Archives: April 5, 2016

Hour upon hour. Minute upon minute. They tick down while I tick down. Getting older is not for sissies, you see. There will be doctors. There will be medicines. There will be little twinges letting you know this is not your first hour here. But the bright side? It is not your finishing either. Enjoy these hours. Give them your utmost. Listen to the birds. Revel in the wind. Twirl like no one else is. Greet the next genesis of you with joy. Enjoy their smiles, their hugs, their love. Spurred on by love, conquer the world.
the above drivel about aging and grandchildren is written for Tara’s latest 100 Word challenge . . . to write 100 words without using the letter A. Seriously? Harder than you think. I mean, look at all the A’s in this after-word. Right?

Thanks for the challenge, Tara.
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