We all have demons. Mostly we keep them tempered and out of sight of everyone. We try doubly hard to keep demons at bay where our loved ones are concerned.

For the most part.

And, then there is that one time when they fly – right out of your brain through your heart and out of your mouth. They, set free, wreak havoc on all those around.

Hearts are twisted. Loves are deflated. Relationships are harmed.

All for that one word set free from the demon’s mouth.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I will temper my demons.


We’ll see.

Written for Ms. Tara’s 100 Word Challenge. The word, as you might have guessed, is DEMON. Now, go and write your own.

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  1. Tara R. says:

    It took me years to realize that just because I thought something, I don’t necessarily have to say it out loud. That one realization probably saves several of my relationships.

  2. I can definitely relate to holding my tongue in the interest of protecting feelings. You expressed that really well in such few words!

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