Daily Archives: October 25, 2017

The energizer bunny just will not quit. I completed Crossfit Certitude’s 40 day challenge in August – and kept right on going. Today is day 101. I still do my best to get in my protein and calories on a daily basis, while staying close to the desired fiber and fats.

It’s not always easy, but the rewards are music to my ears. I’ve seen both of my doctors this week and both were well pleased. My blood pressure has dropped enough that my internist has taken me off one of my meds. What a blessing!! I just need to keep an eye on it and if it starts inching back upwards contact her and possibly go back onto the med.

My internist says I am like a 20 year old compared to the rest of her patient load. My gynecologist says she would guess me to be in my 50s if not for the fact she knows I am closing in on 68.

Can you feel my smile from where you sit?

My coaches love me. I continue to hit the workouts M-W-F each week. I am concentrating more on form than increasing weight, although there is some of that also. And, there are ropes hanging from the ceiling that SOME day I plan to climb. Well, we will see won’t we?

9-23-17 COMPARE 9-7-10 I’m including pictures for comparison. The “me” on the left weighed in at 363# (!!) That pic has haunted me, showing up on my facebook feed every October since 2010. This year I jumped up and grabbed a coworker to take the pic on the right. I weighed in at 258#!!! Yes, that is a 105# weight loss in 7 years. (Nobody said this was going to be an overnight success story.)

My gyn doc asked me this morning what my goal was and I had to tell her I don’t really have a weight in mind. I am happy to be feeling healthy and watching the weight going down.

I do have one bucket list goal: I want to do the zip line in Seward. First off I am a bit squeamish with heights, but, I can overcome that. They do have a weight limit: 270# I am FINALLY below that marker – so summer of 2018 here I come. Who wants to join me???

Thanks Coach Nikki and Crossfit Certitude!!!