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DaddyJim loaded up the Chivvy. Mama fried up the chicken and grits. The sun was barely peepin’ over the trees in yonder field when we set out, Buddy’s and my chubby hands claspin’ hot biscuits drippin’ with butter.

‘Long about noon we stopped at the fillin’ station.

“Git on now, ‘Nona. Take Buddy and git warshed up afore lunch.”

We et, then took a rest. When I woke up, I saw the Chivvy pullin’ out without me.

Tears rolled in dirty canals down my cheeks, but then, DaddyJim was there. “Chile, you rest easy. We would never forget our Winona.”

photo of the Soulsby Station of Route 66.

This is my entry for Lance’s 100 Word Song based on Route 66 by Depeche Mode (and others, of course). I especially love the line And don’t forget Winona as that was my mother’s name.

once again proving I have eclectic tastes . . . following up on my Easter haiku, here is a piece for Lance’s 100 Word song. The song of the week is Dead Sara’s Sorry for It All.

Cold wind cut through my jacket. Standing on a street corner at 5 below isn’t pleasant, especially not dressed as I was. Alfonzo picked out tonight’s outfit: pink mini with yellow tights, white go-go boots, topped by fuchsia jean jacket and black bustier. He chose the blonde wig, too. Says the johns like long curls.

“Damn, Stacey, it’s coldern’ a witches teat out here tonight. Ain’t ‘lonzo got any sense ‘tall?” Margot ground out a cigarette, shivered and walked to a waiting car.

“I don’t care what this guy offers, Stace. If he’s got a workin’ heater I’m getting’ in.”

He leaned over
and whispered
sang her name
She nodded in time
Experienced? Yes
She was
He was

The sun rose over them
They greeted it with joy
They experienced each
And again

Making love to the
Guitar strings of her soul
Psychedelic peace
Pieces of their minds

She was
He was

Out in the open
Hidden in plain sight
Freely together
Until the end

They said it wasn’t acid
It was simply their time
Mixed metaphor of life
And death

Time to go
Time to say goodbye

She was
He was
Again and
written for Lance’s 100 Word Song. This week LeeRoy and Lance chose Are you experienced by Jimmy Hendryx. The above words are my reaction to the song.

Stevie Nicks’ voice filled the car as I drove away. What was I thinking? There is no escaping getting older. I could trowel on the makeup and exercise away the pounds, but there was no way I could get back the lost years.

I drove on and wiped the tears as I sang along. There is little left here now. Now that you are gone and I am alone. I can’t even balance a checkbook. I was that subservient to you. What is there for me now?

Death is hard. Divorce is harder. 45 wasted years.

Time to grow up!
Lance’s 100 WordSong challenge this week is Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. I love Stevie Nicks’ voice and the way she sings this song. Note: the above is NOT autobiographical, just a reaction to the song. Thanks for reading.

The pollsters gathered ‘round mini-screens, fingers hovering over touchpads, waiting (im)patiently for the right moment. Jason sat near the window watching birds wheel against the blue skies.

“Jas! Get over here. We need your help with these calculations. The polls close in an hour. We need to be ready to close ‘em down with our latest, up-to-date exit polls. The major affiliates are on hold waiting for the numbers. Who do we say won? R’s or D’s?”

Shaking his head and muttering, he walked over to join the huddle. “I remember when we talked about the PEOPLE being the winners.”

Just in time for Election Day Lance chose a new song for the 100 Word Song project. This time it is The Replacements’ Election Day. Go on over, check it out and give it a go – give us your 100.