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The Lord’s my rock. In Him I hide. A shelter in the time of storm.

Jenna’s throaty alto contrasted with the younger, higher sopranos at First Raptured Assembly Church. She rocked back on her heels, lifted her face, and raised her hands in praise.

Glorys were shouted and Hallelujahs rang. Pastor Jamieson danced on the altar and clutched his hanky, dabbing at his lips.

“Praise God, sisters and brothers, praise God-a! We are in the presence-a of the Father today-a. Let the Holy Ghost-a lift you up-a to the Throne. The storms assail, but we prevail. Hallelelujah!”

Outside thunder rolled.
Our country has had a wild few days weather-wise. People place their faith in many things. I imagine that many sang this hymn and clung to the hope that their Shelter would hold fast.

Written for Lance’s 100 Word Song wherein he chose Bob Dylan’s Shelter from the Storm.

times two. It has been awhile since I’ve had a full day off (Sunday the 23rd, in fact). I work in an agency as . . . well, I wear several hats. Under one of those hats I get to go into the community to make appropriate presentations. Last Saturday I got to speak with a group of “roller girls” before their bout. Sunday I visited a church in the neighboring town to talk with some of their folks.

Monday began our weeklong workshop – you guessed it – I’m the facilitator and play a major part in it. Add to that we are starting a new reporting quarter, which means that I have quarterly and monthly reports to prepare for the previous quarter – preferably by today. heh

The boss will be gone most of the next two weeks which leaves me minimally in charge.

Sometimes I just take on too much. What to do with myself???? (especially since I preach good self-care to those who come to this workshop?)

Breathe in – breathe out – accept the loving prayers of friends – smile at the world – put one step in front of the other. . .

and leave early today . . . head to Homer . . . go on retreat until Sunday. What a blessing in timing that I will get to spend time with loved sisters in one of southcentral Alaska’s prettiest places. I am greatly looking forward to it.

There will be no posting for Trifecta, or 100 Words, or maybe even 100 Word Song. You will understand, I’m sure. This is just me – being open – sharing – and going.

See you soon.

The young couple sat shyly, occasionally reaching out to hold each other’s hand. Ned cleared his throat nervously. Cindy glanced at him quickly then turned her gaze back to the lake.

“Sure is pretty here,” Ned stammered.

“I love it, too,” replied Cindy. “At night the loons calling makes me cry sometimes. They call to each other like lost lovers’ souls Nana used to tell me.”

Ned struggled to stand up and again cleared his throat.

“Let’s make a pact! No matter what happens we can always come here to find each other. Young or old, I’ll wait for you.

The 100 Word Song challenge this week is I Will Wait – chosen by Kelly from the new Mumford and Sons album.

Welcome to the challenge, Kelly, and thanks for the song.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

What are you looking for, Angela? Stop – stop and look at me. I’ll help you find it.

You can’t help me. Nobody can help me.

Angela rocked in the seat he’d chosen for her. She wrapped her arms around herself and rocked, rocked, rocked to an inner beat.

Angela, you’re safe here. Nobody here will hurt you. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for. Can you believe that? Can you see that I am telling you the truth?

Sobs burst through her tight lips.

I’m looking for ME! I can’t stop looking or the pieces will all blow away!


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Lance and LeeRoy, with the help of the newly turned 8 year old “Goose” (Happy birthday!) have chosen a Counting Crows song, Come Around, this week. These are the words I came up with . . . where are yours?

Let’s get married.

What? When?

Now. Let’s hop a train to Vegas and ride the pink Cadillac into the chapel with Elvis. Let’s get hitched, baby.

You’re crazy. We just met. I don’t know why anyone would want me anyway. I’d just push you away. I’d hurt you in the end.

I’m not crazy – I won’t let you push me around. I love you, baby. You know I do. So what we just met? Don’t you believe in love at first sight? Where’s your romance, girl?

Romance? Pfft! You don’t want me. I’m all used up. You don’t want me.

Mel, standing in for Lance and LeeRoy, chose Matchbox 20’s Push for this week’s 100 Word Song challenge. Wonder what will happen to my star-crossed lovers in days to come?