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Eddie wrapped his cloak tighter around his body, then shrugged as the wind whipped it out of his grasp. Striding with purpose down Boylston Street, his mind whirled with stanzas and verse.

He was considered a bad boy in his day; a rabble rouser. It made no difference to him. He laughed and cried, “pot meet kettle” going about his way.

Today his mind was whirling as he struggled with just the right words to cap his latest poem. A cluck and caw sounded. He lifted his head.

“No longer. No, that doesn’t work. Quoth the raven, nevermore!” That’s it!

Written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge: CLOAK.

Eddie, of course, is Edgar Allen Poe. Last week Boston unveiled a statue to Eddie near the site of his family home. I am excited at the timing as I will be visiting Boston next week and plan to see this monument – as well as walk the Freedom Trail.

. . . and, yes . . . that IS the Telltale Heart tumbling from his briefcase.

Stole this from my daughter . . . she finds the best-est stuffs!

All great thoughts of how to unleash the creative beast that lies within.

Which is what I have been doing with The Artist’s Way. And the above is my synchronicity for the week. So, this is week number 6 check in time.

This week? Not so great on the morning pages – 4/7 days completed with another 2 begun and left along and the 7th not even attempted.

Summer in Alaska . . . . wanderlust in my soul. Had a tough week at the office so took a bit of mental health leave. It was interrupted by the process server alluded to in my previous fictional piece for 100 Words. I was not a really happy camper when I went to work Friday. Ended up leaving mid-afternoon to complet my MH time.

Wanderlust struck big time. Picked up hubbymoose and we drove 90 miles (one way) to buy 2 loaves of multi-grain bread from Two Sisters Bakery in Homer. Yeah, we’re nuts like that. It was SOOOOO good to get out of town and just drive. We talked a bit – but mostly just loved being on the road.

Took pictures – of course – and walked on the beach – went to a different location and yelled at some men for harrassing the wildlife – eagles – sheesh! Some wanna-be adults!

I am claiming that as my Artist’s Date, btw. Even though hubbymoose came along for the ride (and to pay for the bread) he understood my need to walk off down the beach without his company and didn’t even complain when he got cold from the wind. Simply rolled up the windows in the car while I went out to take pictures of the eagles.

All I can say is AHHHHHHLASKA!

and on to week #7.

Thanks, VV – hope that thumb is healing.

I call this EAGLE – on a STEEK! (any Jeff Dunham fans out there?)

Okay – first I am going to give myself an attagirl! Five weeks I have been working at The Artist’s Way. Five weeks I have been writing Morning Pages. Five weeks I have been checking in. Way to stick to it, Moosie.

This week has been long at work – all work weeks are long, I’m sure. Writing my pages is opening me up to thoughts I’m not sure I’m ready for – especially when it comes to work.

However, at a meeting – or rather, after a meeting – this week I stayed long enough after to talk with a couple of women. Both knew of this book and both encouraged me to keep at it. Also, as I shared with them how I am feeling more OPEN to whatever the future holds in store for me (as regards work, etc.) they were very supportive.

No decisions have been made – I will continue to be open and see where both the pages and my life take me.

Artist’s Date: Drove over to Soldotna to Arc Lake this morning. That’s a picture of it at the top of this post. So quiet – even just a few feet away from the busy highway. Saw a golden eagle flying eye level in front of me. Awesome! Heard robins and squirrels in the trees. Watched a couple of ducks fishing for breakfast on an otherwise still lake. Wrote in my journal.

I love these quiet times I give myself.

Drove on further down the road toward Kasilof – stopped to take a picture of the Museum area. Wasn’t open, but tucked that possibility away for when my cousin gets here in three weeks. Also spotted a road called Ogre Way. Took a pic with my phone and sent it to her. She LOVES Shrek. We will try to get a picture of her with the sign when she’s here.

So – on to week #6 which is the half-way point for the book. I am curious to what happens next.

Checking in for the Artist’s Way challenge – week 4.

It’s been an interesting week at work – which plays into my thoughts and emotions for this challenge. We’ve had drama, crises, blow-ups and even a few “normal” hours/days tossed in there.

Or maybe I’m just reacting to such things differently. Opening myself up more.

6 of 7 morning pages completed for the week. Missed Sunday be- okay, I was gonna give an excuse here, but no excuses necessary. I missed one day out of 7 so I’m going to cut myself some slack and say “atta-girl”!

Have been working through some stuff in the pages – interesting how that works. I notice that I am dreaming and remembering the dreams on an almost nightly basis. Some of them are bizarre – or seem to be. My mind is trying to tell me something.

Artist’s Date: took several hours Saturday to participate in a designing challenge from a dishcloth group at Drew my signature moose, then began to graph it. After graphing it, I wrote the pattern out (a challenge in itself) and then did a test knit.

A bit too big for a dishcloth so re-graphed and am now doing a test knit on that pattern. It’s a work in progress – something I’ve not tried to do before. I gave myself permission to try – to fail – and to try again. So all in all a pretty good week.

Have begun reading chapter 5.

Time for the weekly Artist’s Way check-in. It’s been an interesting week with stress, a work evaluation, writing, and even some fun thrown in. As I read through this week’s chapter and completed my morning pages – and then went about my normal work week I found even more comparisons and parallels.

Isn’t life a funny critter?

So – for the check-in.

Morning Pages: yup – all 7 days. wtg moosie!

Artist’s Date: the picture above was taken during my date – my own time to do something just for me. I took part in a volunteer orientation and tour of the cabins in Old Towne Kenai. I’ll be helping lead tourists through the cabins this summer.

The only days I have available are Saturdays, and only one was left in June after everyone else got to the calendar before me. (durn my polite “after you’s”)
But I imagine I will get to help out a couple more times in July through Labor Day when they close for the season.

This is only the second year the cabins have been in their present spot. It was quite an undertaking for the Kenai Historical Society to ready them to move – then move and get settled into their new homes. More on that later as I learn more of the history of the cabins themselves.

No special discoveries this week. I was able to get some really good sleep a couple of nights – even dreamed and remembered the dreams one of those nights. Some self care was in play.

Butterflies again came into play this week – received a card one day which had a butterfly/woman drawing on the front. It is now taped into my journal for that day.

Then Saturday at our fave coffee shop daughter and I were busily writing away when a song came on the radio. She started singing the words and I was struck again – “we all have wings” were the words. Apparently it is a song by INXS called Never Tear Us Apart.

Synchronicity – gotta love it. On to week 4.