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It happened at last
Snow is falling quietly

It’s Haiku Friday with Lou

Changed my meds again
Getting old’s not for sissies
Timeless angst for all

Some of my bloodwork came back a bit out of kilter so the doc upped one of my meds. I’m feeling the results of that today – nothing to do but to work through it. 🙂

And to remember that getting old is not for sissies – bucking up now.

written for Lou’s Haiku Friday. Do go on over and check out his and others’ pieces.

Sign said
I said what are you thinking?
Silly high school kids!


Why, yes, I DO live in a state of denial. Local high school has this on their sign and I am not quite ready for the “s” word to start happening. I somehow missed summer and already the chill (downright cold) is in the air. Sigh. For Haiku Friday with Lou.

btw – I pre-wrote this post for Lou’s Friday Haiku . . . then hubbymoose and I went out for the evening . . . and guess what it did??? Yes, indeedy. Of course, it being October and all, it has since melted and I have slid happily back into my favorite state. I may have to come back and edit this again . . . we shall see. Sigh.

Eagle bold and proud
Surveying all from lofty high
Token of freedom

Spotted this bald eagle atop a boat’s mast while returning home from ladies retreat in Homer last Sunday. Perfect for Friday Haiku with Lou.

Busy week soon done
Retreat coming into view
Alaska calls me

It’s Haiku Friday with Lou.