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It used to be – once upon a very long time ago – that people blogged on a daily (sometimes, it seemed, hourly) basis. That was before the so called social media frenzy began. There were Mommy blogs, artistic (Digital Diva, anyone?) blogs, chatty gramma-type blogs such as my own.

We made friends by linking back and forth – chatting in bulletin board type systems – emails – even a phone call or twenty. I discovered a lot of kindred spirits out there.

My imaginary friends, hubbymoose calls them. You don’t know if they are real, he would say. I, trusting my instincts, would shake my head and say “I know.” And, I really did know. Since the beginning of my first blog Eclectic Gramma to today’s version of The PurpleMoose Gazette I have gotten to know and, yes, love several very cool people.

Tonight – when I should be thinking about going to bed, or actually should have been in bed long before this – I started clicking through my links. Sooooooo many have not written for sooooooo long. It makes me sad and it makes me wonder. Where are you, my friends? Are you locked into the FB world? Are you tweeting or some other form of publishing? Why did you leave me?

Okay, that last one is nonsense. You didn’t leave ME – you may have let your blogs slide into semi-oblivion, but that is because your lives have changed. I hope they have changed for the better.

My life is certainly changed in many ways since I came to this space. Pretty much all for the good. :) Any bad – well, I won’t bore you. It’s all confessor type stuff anyway.

You probably noticed my writing here has changed over the past few years as I flexed my noggin and stretched into the writerly world – taking part in poetry challenges and 100 word challenges and trifecta challenges. That might be confusing to those who were used to my gramma style writing.

I trust you are all well. That is my hope for all who have touched my life in some way – that you are all well. If you do stumble here and want to find me – I’m on FB myself – Barbara Purple Moose.

When Granny died, and after we had all cried, we trooped to the attic seeking the treasure chest. It was a simple and plain pine box, but special because Pappy had made it for her.

“My hope chest” she’d called it. She used to open it, if we’d been ‘specially good, and let us peek inside.

We’d try on her gauzy dresses. “From the olden days,” she’d croon. “Your Pappy and Granny could surely cut a rug back then.”

She’d let us hold Pappy’s gold pocket watch. “Gave him that the day we jumped the broom, I did.”

She allus called us her “packa younguns”.

“Remember to love each other, take care of each other. You need to band together. You are stronger together than you are by yourselves. That’s how Pappy and I were. I swan, when I lost him I lost some of my stren’th.”

Then, she’d close up the treasures again with a sigh and we’d go down to the kitchen for cookies and milk.

And now Granny’s gone on to dance again with Pappy. She left us with a smile on her face, and her hair? I’d a-sworn she was wearin’ a halo the way her hair glowed.

The old house had been left to the pack. We left the hope chest there in the attic. It was nice to know we could still find Granny and Pappy whenever we wanted.

photo from Adirondack Furniture
Written for trifecta’s challenge – BAND. These are my words . . . where are yours?

I desire to be a human – to be fully present in the moment, in the person I am with. To be fully human much is required: a love for my fellow humans; a respect for our differences as much as we might be alike. I think of this often as I look at the world around me. As different as night is to day, sea to desert, all are more alike than we might seem. Without one we cannot be the other. It is required that I love above all. To be human I must love. I have much to learn.

This week VV challenged us with REQUIRED. I have been introspective of late, trying to be more aware of those around me and the part I play in their lives. It is an ongoing journey, replete with joys and missteps along the way. The above picture is of two of the smaller humans in my life, the two younger granddaughters.

I have not been able to write all week – busy at work, although that is not the real reason. My mind has been filled with despair, compassion, heartbreak, love, a myriad of emotions. I don’t really need to spell out the reasons, do I?

Things have rocked our world this week – explosions man-made and explosions chemical-based. Both types cost lives: lives of the innocent; lives of the guilty; lives of first reponders. Both types cost innocence: what do you tell your children when so much chaos and blood and fire and screams flash across your television and computer screens? How do you replace that innocence?

So, I find last week’s Trifecta challenge timely in retrospect and what I posted for the challenge meaningful (at least to me):

Mama, mama, I had a dream!

Tell me, child.

When I’m grown I’m going to tell how beautiful we can be if we only love one another.

That is a wonderful dream, son.
The comments from that post were interesting – people liked the innocence-sweetness of the child. Everyone missed the reference to the Doctor and his I have a dream speech. But, even that aside . . . wouldn’t we all like to reactivate that child-like simplicity? That dream of how beautiful we can be . . . if we only love one another?

I know that dream is what allows me to sleep.

Maybe it will allow me to begin again to create – to write. Until that time, I bid you good-night and sweet dreams and peace.

Mama. Mommie. MOM!
What is it, kiddo?
I love you.
I love you, too.

Mama. Mommie. MOM!
Give me kiss.
One for me, too.

What, sweetie?
Thank you.
Oh, thank you!

drspam / / CC BY-NC-SA


Those thrifty Trifecta editors have asked for a 33 word (only) dialogue. This conversation happened many times over the years of raising my two daughters . . . and many times it has come back to them as they raise my grandchildren. I know you’ve been there, too . . . if you are raising kiddos.