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When Granny died, and after we had all cried, we trooped to the attic seeking the treasure chest. It was a simple and plain pine box, but special because Pappy had made it for her.

“My hope chest” she’d called it. She used to open it, if we’d been ‘specially good, and let us peek inside.

We’d try on her gauzy dresses. “From the olden days,” she’d croon. “Your Pappy and Granny could surely cut a rug back then.”

She’d let us hold Pappy’s gold pocket watch. “Gave him that the day we jumped the broom, I did.”

She allus called us her “packa younguns”.

“Remember to love each other, take care of each other. You need to band together. You are stronger together than you are by yourselves. That’s how Pappy and I were. I swan, when I lost him I lost some of my stren’th.”

Then, she’d close up the treasures again with a sigh and we’d go down to the kitchen for cookies and milk.

And now Granny’s gone on to dance again with Pappy. She left us with a smile on her face, and her hair? I’d a-sworn she was wearin’ a halo the way her hair glowed.

The old house had been left to the pack. We left the hope chest there in the attic. It was nice to know we could still find Granny and Pappy whenever we wanted.

photo from Adirondack Furniture
Written for trifecta’s challenge – BAND. These are my words . . . where are yours?

I have not been able to write all week – busy at work, although that is not the real reason. My mind has been filled with despair, compassion, heartbreak, love, a myriad of emotions. I don’t really need to spell out the reasons, do I?

Things have rocked our world this week – explosions man-made and explosions chemical-based. Both types cost lives: lives of the innocent; lives of the guilty; lives of first reponders. Both types cost innocence: what do you tell your children when so much chaos and blood and fire and screams flash across your television and computer screens? How do you replace that innocence?

So, I find last week’s Trifecta challenge timely in retrospect and what I posted for the challenge meaningful (at least to me):

Mama, mama, I had a dream!

Tell me, child.

When I’m grown I’m going to tell how beautiful we can be if we only love one another.

That is a wonderful dream, son.
The comments from that post were interesting – people liked the innocence-sweetness of the child. Everyone missed the reference to the Doctor and his I have a dream speech. But, even that aside . . . wouldn’t we all like to reactivate that child-like simplicity? That dream of how beautiful we can be . . . if we only love one another?

I know that dream is what allows me to sleep.

Maybe it will allow me to begin again to create – to write. Until that time, I bid you good-night and sweet dreams and peace.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ― Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

Mama, mama, I had a dream!

Tell me, child.

When I’m grown I’m going to tell how beautiful we can be if we only love one another.

That is a wonderful dream, son.

Trifecta asked us to write 33 words with the quote from Paolo Coelho as our inspiration. These are mine – where are yours?

Woody Woodpecker
and Lucy and Bette
To name a few

Howdy Doody on strings
and Flippo the Clown
With his oversized shoes

Scully and Carol Burnette
Could outshine
Carrot Top at his best

Prince Harry, the Lady Sarah
And the Beasleys from HP
And our country lady Reba
Shining in song and on TV

Opie as a kid in Mayberry
Ron the director as an adult
Gingers both young and old

One of my favorites was
A comedian I loved

Red Skelton
With his gentle wit and kind soul
And love for country shared oft
Through the Pledge of Allegiance

Velvet Verbosity challenged us with the word REDHEAD this week. I have many fond memories of tv as a kid . . . we watched it at my dad’s mom’s house. Later when I was 12 or 13 Mom and my sister and I got our first tv and we loved watching Carol Burnette, I Love Lucy, but especially Red Skelton. I hope you will listen to his words on the Pledge of Allegiance. Blesses my heart each time I do.

So long 2012, it was good to see you come, better to see you go. There have been challenges and blessings galore in this year and I’m happy to say I survive to welcome the year 2013.

2012 saw losses in the PurpleMoose clan: hubbymoose lost his last aunt, and one of his very best friends. PM lost her very best friend as well as a long-ago love. Each loss took a piece of our hearts to the grave.

2012 saw blessings as well: grandchildren who are growing, thriving and, even at the age of the eldest (nearing 21), still unashamed to yell my name across a crowded store, following with a giant hug. Daughters are thriving and loving, both old and new loves. Hubbymoose and I will celebrate our 44th anniversary come May 10th.

Something to look forward to in 2013: I will reach the ripe old age of 21. Wait! What? Didn’t you say you had a grandson who will soon be 21? Ah, yes, you caught me out.

January is my birth month. I will turn 63 on the 27th. How did I arrive at 21? Well, my fave number is 3 and 63 divided by 3 is 21.  Yes, yes I am silly. But I am having fun with it.

Want to join in my birthday fun? Want to be a survivor like me? It’s simple. I don’t want presents. I want the joy of seeing you all pass on the joy and love for others. Do a random act of kindness in my birthday honor, then comment below here with what you did. Make sure you leave me your email address so I can reach you later.

Why do I want to reach you? I am going to place the comments into a number generator and pick at least 3. Those 3 people will receive a hand-knitted washcloth/dishcloth from me. My birthday present to YOU.

Game? You have 27 days until my birthday.

With love, the Moose.

The Trifecta challenge this week is survive using the third definition below.

1: to remain alive after the death of (he is survived by his wife)
2: to continue to exist or live after (survived the earthquake)
3: to continue to function or prosper despite : withstand (they survived many hardships)

To celebrate my birthday, I decided to hold a little Random Acts of Kindness challenge – with all commenters taking part. Here is what you might win at the end of the challenge: (it will be completed – promise)