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Remember this post?

Thought I would give you an update as to where I am in knitting dishy/washy wonderfulness for my birthday friends.

Three completed and 1 on the needles . . . . Leave a message on the original post and tell me what YOU will do to pay it forward. I will draw someone(s) on my special day and pay it forward myself with one of these dish/wash cloths. You will simply have to give me a mailing address in order to ship one out to you.

Do let me know how you will pay it forward for my birthday. Comments are closed on this post – please go to the original post to comment.


Trying to get sleepy enough to sleep through the night – last night was rough. Hubby had a restless night full of tossings and turnings and snorings and snufflings . . . and I did the unforgivable – I looked at the clock! Argh! That, of course, meant I was unable to go back to sleep. So I got up, made my way to my chair and rested there, falling asleep just as my phone alarm went off. Typical.

So, while I am trying to be sleepy enough to go to sleep and stay there until 6 a.m., I’ve added two sub-pages for my pleasure. Maybe you will enjoy as well.

First – Crafty Moose: I want to track the amount of knitting I do in 2012, and this seems like a good way to do it. So far this year I have completed several hats and two scarves. On the needles I have another hat and a gift for one of my friends whose birthday is next week.

Second – Moose Browse: the names of books I have read in 2012. I read a lot . . . but I would like to slog my way through (and pass on) the huge pile of books collecting dust. So I am challenging myself to read – and list the books. So far, 4 for the year and I am reading a 5th.

Next week I am taking annual leave to celebrate my birthday. I hope to sleep in at least on Monday (best laid plans and that). I really should clean my house (nahhhhhh) one day. On Wednesday I am volunteering for Homeless Connect (where I will donate the hats I’ve made). The rest of the time? Yarn and books are crying out my name. I intend to answer.

So, go on over there to the right and click on the two new sub-pages and let me know your fave books or knits. Enjoy with me.

Here are some things I am sending out today. I belong to a couple of “charity” knitting groups at and these are for the mid-April through mid-May projects.

These are some funky scarves knitted up for a domestic violence shelter in Pennsylvania.

These button cuffs were quick and fun to make. There is a buttonhole in one end that hooks with one of the buttons at the other.

These are called Tribbles – after Star Trek’s The Trouble with Tribbles, of course. They are quick to make and multiply like crazy. (thus the name) They are great exfoliators.

The cuffs and tribbles are going to Annie’s Gifts in Pennsylvania to a group of women who receive chemo treatments weekly for cancers.

The KnitWitch is open and running a contest. Run on over and check out the site and let her know what YOU would like.

And, if you have any alpaca roving or have knit with alpaca, she is interested in seeing pics of that.

There are three ways to win her contest – so go on over and check it out and, ENTER!!!

I’ll write about this over at the Knitting Passion blog, too – but, I have had some trouble getting into the site to updat so want to make sure I get it done here. (note: the site has been open the last few times I’ve gone over, so am hoping that the problems have been solved. Now if they could just solve the Big Brother Craze problems, Lessa would be a happy girl, too!)

Ladybug’s friend just had her first baby – and, of course, that baby needed a new blankie! I decided colorful was the way to go. Apparently said baby approved – she “showered” it with her approval (yup, she wet all over it.) Good thing I believe in using washable yarn for new babies, huh?

This is crocheted (here’s the pattern at Mother Fury’s request – anything for you, Mom!) – I’ve also been doing quite a bit of knitting – working on some dish cloths now for a swap on one of the groups over on Ravelry. I’ll show pictures of the dishcloths before I send them off to my swap partners. Those haven’t been chosen yet.

451 Press is having some overload issues – so, the knitting blog hasn’t been updated in over a week. They are working on that – installing new equipment, etc. Whoot! Thanks, 451!

And, the grandkiddos just keep on getting bigger – took the oldest out for dinner Sunday evening. He missed his “shopping day” the previous week because he was (gaso!) working! So, we took the youngest of Ladybug’s kiddos for HIS day – and took the Boy this week.

Mortified him in the checkout line – where we were buying him some ice cream and cookies. He told his Mama all about it – made her laugh at him and threaten to come along the next time to chaperone. He said that wasn’t necessary – because he knew she would just gang up on him WITH us. lol. Yup, I love it.

Busy week ahead at work – the last day of the year was today – fiscal year, of course. So that means I have to not only prepare the monthly report, but the fiscal year report as well. Monthly deadline is the 5th. Annual deadline is the 15th. I hope the rest of my numbers come in tomorrow. 😉

soooooo you all be good now, you hear?