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Hannah, take a memo.
Hannah, write a PSA.
Hannah, did you make my flight arrangements yet?
Hannah, coffee, STAT!
Hannah, the phone is ringing – still.

Hannah, juggle my balls, please.

Right away, sir.

Ever have a job like that? Yeah, me, too. The italicized words, of course, are in Hannah’s mind voice.

Thanks, Trifecta, for another great challenge.

Stevie Nicks’ voice filled the car as I drove away. What was I thinking? There is no escaping getting older. I could trowel on the makeup and exercise away the pounds, but there was no way I could get back the lost years.

I drove on and wiped the tears as I sang along. There is little left here now. Now that you are gone and I am alone. I can’t even balance a checkbook. I was that subservient to you. What is there for me now?

Death is hard. Divorce is harder. 45 wasted years.

Time to grow up!
Lance’s 100 WordSong challenge this week is Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. I love Stevie Nicks’ voice and the way she sings this song. Note: the above is NOT autobiographical, just a reaction to the song. Thanks for reading.

Okay, gentle readers — fair warning. This week the editors at Trifecta challenged us with a word that might offend your sensibilities. If that is so, please do not read further. If you choose to read beyond the cut and are then offended . . . well, as they say, you were warned.



the only difference between men and boys . . .


Hubby moose works as a Shadow at the middle school near our house. He works with a 6th grader and has a heart for each of the kids who cross his path daily.

One little girl is very ill – leukemia – and the parents of her classmates and others have been doing things to fundraise to help the family with the mounting expenses.

The latest event was a mass hair cutting of ponytails to be sent to Locks of Love.  The stylists worked for free – those who simply wanted their ponytails cut and sent to the charity paid no money. Those who wanted a bit of styling paid $25 which was, in turn, collected for the family.

A few days ago hubby came home and said he had made a wager with a teacher at the school – a male who has a very nice long ponytail. The women in the office had been after the man to get his hair cut for the fundraiser. He was reluctant (his SO wouldn’t like it) so hubby moose told him that if HE did it hubby moose would do it! (Hubby moose is VERY secure in his manhood!)