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if this were your daughter? Or if this were your son? 

Yesterday I learned of a 12 year old sixth grader in a nearby school who received flowers for Valentine’s day while at school.

nice, right?

She thought so, too, and spent the next several periods showing them off and telling everyone who would listen where she had gotten them – and who had given them to her.

He’s a junior at the school next door! A junior! That makes him at LEAST sixteen years old, and probably seventeen years old. He is at least four years older than she – most likely five years older.

What is her mother thinking? What is this boy thinking? No, don’t answer that last question because, while I am much older, I still remember and can figure what he is thinking.

I wish I could look him in the eye and tell him one thing: son, if that IS what you are thinking – and if you are DOING what you are thinking – you need to know this – it is a jailable offense!

Now, get your head out of your pants and date girls your own age.

At least until she is 18 and can make up her own mind about how old her date is.


I am hot

then I am cold

then I am hot again

add to that . . .

the scratchy/sore throat and coughing, sneezing, sniffling so I can(‘t) sleep symptoms.

Yes, I have a giant head cold – which, I guess, is better than having a giant head, right?

Poor hubby was sick last week – AND I spent all day Saturday at a very rainy and windy and cold event – described a bit by Lessa here. (I’ll cheat and let her do the telling and showing – I don’t think SHE has a cold – heh.

Ladybugteases in my commentsabout her youngest and his visit to us a couple of nights ago. She says it is my story to tell – so here it is . . .

The youngest buglet came with his mama and daddy (sorry – but both were unnecessary to the visit – although it is always good to see them – it is the boyo we were tickled to see) to see us a few nights ago. He is a very, very, VERY busy little boy – 2 1/2 years old – and, did I say busy?!? He came in – ran to me to get a hug and kiss – then to Paw-Paw moosie for a hug and kiss – then he was down and around and up again as he would not light for more than a few minutes (that’s how you fall asleep, you know – lighting for too long a time)

On one of his down and around modes he came across The Boy’s (Lessa’s boy) RC hummer. It needed to GO right now! So Paw-Paw moosie found the remote and began to move the hummer across the floor. We all laughed when buglet ran to me and climbed into my lap (watch those elbows, boy!!! mammograms ain’t got NOTHING on that boy’s elbows!) and proceeded to delight us with his antics.

Each time the hummer would come toward my chair, buglet would curl his little feet up tighter under his bottom and yell “he’s coming! he’s coming!”. His legs would straighten each time the car went away from us – and I would say “it’s going!” then Paw-Paw moosie would bring it back toward us and the cry would go out again – “he’s coming! he’s coming!”.

All we could do was giggle. So very cute – and growing up waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too fast. He’s the last of our grands and we know there are no more babies until one of the older ones gets married (in a HUNDRED years or so!) and has babies – and then we will REALLY be GREAT grandparents. Although, how any grandparent could be greater than we already are . . . I will never know. haha.

So – there are the two stories – links etc. I need to go and soothe my throat with something. Maybe someone can bring me some orange sherbet? Hmmm – off to call Lessa. “sweeetie . . . I’ll buy YOU some ice cream if you will get me some sherbet . . .”

Think it’ll work?

Well, okay, I guess it was his friend, but still! My husband stayed out last night – late for him – until nearly midnight. T wanted to go trolling for women karaoke-ing so out they went. Oh, they asked me if I wanted to go along – at 9 p.m. (ish). Um, no. I get up at 5 a.m. (ish) so just label me a big ol party pooper.

Pooped, that is. 😉 I was in bed before 10.

Did they come in quietly? Well, I’m sure they thought they did. But we have these squeaky boards . . . great for when the daughters were teens. We always knew when they came in. Hubby pretty much knows where to step to avoid making TOO much noise – but T wasn’t quite as astute. He was still asleep this morning when I left so I don’t know if his lack of clarity was due to over imbibing or not.

So, by the time hubby was “quietly” coming to bed – right near to midnight – I was awake (dratitall!) Good moosie-wife that I am, I asked “how was your evening?” “T’s pretty good!” hubby replied. “That’s good,” I say and try to go back to sleep.

Up at 5 – work out with Bob and the folks from The Biggest Loser – shower – breakfast while reading the paper and listening to local news – leave for work. Hubby is just stirring as I leave.

He needs to get up.

He has a grandmoose to pick up for breakfast and to take to summer school.

Then he and his buddy are supposed to go to Homer to take a boat trip to Halibut Cove. It remains to be seen if this last thing gets accomplished today.

One more week of this. 😉

Guess I really can’t complain because the family is not writing much these days, hmmm? Looks like it has been since Saturday for moi, after all.

Busy and rough week at work. I have now worked 4 (FOUR!!!) weeks as receptionist with only a few hours here and there at my own desk. We readvertised the position and it runs until the 23rd so that means I will be there at least through the 26th. If the boss hires someone by then I will have to oversee the training.

And, for some reason (gee ya think?) I have had an emotional and rough time of it the past couple of days. Feeling a bit under/unappreciated, I would guess. Added in to the stress of needing to get to my desk to work on a project that I am presenting in June!

So – still no takers for receptionists in Alaska? Come on people – I will even put you up for a (short) while as you get settled in. 😉 You get the beauty of Alaska AND of the moose, too. What more could anyone ask? hahahahahahahahahaha

So – bought a ticket the other day for hubby’s buddy (was our best man 37 years ago) to come visit. This should almost go under the category of MEN! at this point. I have never seen more angst and ineptitude on the part of two (supposedly) grown men over getting that ticket. First, they “looked” (uh-huh, sure, right) and could NOT find a ticket for the chosen dates. Couldn’t get him here on mileage (well, yuh! I TOLD you guys that needed to be done a month or so ago) and they just threw up their hands and wahhhhed about it.

I went a-searching. ANYthing to hush them, you know? Found cheap enough tickets online that I told hubby – IF I sold one of the motorcycles (I had two in the garage that were mine) that I would front some money for a ticket. Latched on to that like babies to milk, I tell ya. I did say that I wanted at least half back because I don’t believe that anyone should expect a free ride, you know? If you wanna come visit – make an effort, at least. So that was agreed upon before the bike was sold and before the ticket was purchased.

The second person to look at the bike brought the cash. PurpleMoosie is a happy moosie – her baby is going to be ridden instead of being cooped up in the garage pining away everytime the other bikes were taken out for an airing. Yay! And, to a new rider who will treat her lovingly. Yay! again.

Ticket searched for and purchased. Sent the information via email to the address hubby gave me for his buddy. Buddy says “I haven’t seen it. Send it again.” Sent the info again to the same address. “I haven’t seen it, yet” I hear. FINE! Check the email address and make sure you gave me the right one, because if you didn’t someone ELSE has all of that information!

It took nearly a week before they could figure that I had indeed sent it to the right email address and he finally has said that he received the info. Lord knows where it went before he got it. I even used a coupla other email addresses of my own to send it from – just in case he had my address blocked.

So, indeed . . . MEN!? . . . times two. At loose in Alaska. Be afraid – be very afraid.

I will see little of either of them, I’m sure. Remember that big presentation in June? Yup, the same time he will be here. So I’ll probably only see them when it is dinner time.

So – guess I did have something to say, after all. Sorry it was rambling and complaining. But, hey, even a moose deserves to do that once in awhile, huh?


‘s been awhile since I’ve written – for whatever reason – just had to be.

I will be “on the desk” all this week – and hopefully only for this week. Our receptionist is gone and the boss is interviewing prospective new hires. The “plan” calls for a new one to be on board this week and the old one will do a few hours training on Saturday and I will continue the training next week, but be able to be in my own office.

that’s the plan

plans often change

sigh – so, we’ll see.

on another note . . . (more…)