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the kids just came through the door and are putting in their breakfast orders with Paw-Paw Moosie. From the sounds of things out there I think he was thinking ahead of them and it may be French toast. Yum.

Okay – I have several of you on my address list – for post cards and such. But, tis the season, after all. I am preparing Christmas cards this week.

If you are not on my list – or would like to be sure you are  ON my list – please drop me an email at prplmoose AT kenaiwriter DOT net and I will get you into the book.

This year – another of my photos – one you haven’t seen. It was taken in August and I am planning to enter it into the Fur Rendevous Photo Contest. Last year all of my photos were selected for display, although none won ribbons or placques. I was just tickled they were placed on display – for TWO weeks – in a very busy mall in Anchorage.

And, because I entered once (yes, last year was my first time ever to show off my work) I received an entry form IN THE MAIL! How special am I – I am now on THEIR mailing list. heh.

You all have a wonderful Monday. I am off to the front room to visit with the grandyounguns – and to see if there is any French toast left for Nana Moosie.


to quit being a slug.

I have had the last week off work – tomorrow I go back and see what is waiting for me. I’ll have a couple of quiet days to catch up as my boss will be away for a meeting until Wednesday. Of course, she may have filled my box while I was gone.

I had said I would likely use the week off to catch up on house cleaning and laundry and such. Nope – I was a slug – caught up on some daytime napping, I did, I did. Well, I did vacuum and straighten the living room. And, I did a couple of loads of laundry – was pretty well caught up on that anyway.

Today, however, I am working on a couple more loads of laundry. Hubby’s jeans for one load.

It looks like he will be headed off to jury duty on Tuesday – big murder trial. He filled out a questionnairre in October, and then went to the courthouse last week to be questioned. They sent him home with the admonition that they would meet as a group likely on Tuesday. Should be for more questioning though. He hasn’t been outright excused, nor has he been seated for the jury.

A co-worker was excused outright – because of where we work, you see. One of the “perks” to the job. No, not really. It does, however, seem to get us off certain types of cases.

It’ll be a bit of a bummer, though, if he is chosen to sit on the jury. The trial is expected to last a couple of weeks. He just started a job at a school. They go on Christmas break in two weeks – for two weeks. That means he will get little pay for December. Oh, the court will pay him a piddling amount, but it won’t come for about 6 weeks after he has served. $25 a day does NOT pay the bills.

But, it’s our duty and privilege to serve, right? Yeah, right. I thought so, too.

Anyway – I am back out to my chair to snooze through the rest of the football game. You all have a great week, now you, hear?


with Santa.

I am THAT kinda gal. I love to visit with and talk with Santa. My Mom used to love Santa, too. She’d look at the many Santa’s around town and coo “oh, now THERE’s a pretty Santa.” And my sister and I would agree with her.

We always loved to see the old gents with real whiskers and the expensive, nicely done suits – something you don’t see a whole lot of anymore. Although, there are a couple of fellas around who have the whiskers in the right color who could pass for twins, you know?

Yesterday I went on the prowl for my weekly interview and decided to find a Soldotna Santa. He was so much fun to speak with and quite in the mood for it, too. I even had my picture taken on his lap.

No . . . 56 (soon to be 57) is NOT too old to sit on Santa’s lap for a photo session! Besides, hubby moose egged me into it. He called it blackmail. I called it fun. As soon as I receive it, I will post a copy so you can see – yes, I promise.

It’ll actually be posted on the Neighbors website along with the article, which will be published Dec. 5th.

Hard to believe that it is nearly a year since I was named the Soldotna Neighbors columnist. I have a printed version of each of my columns – having a bit of trouble finding a scrapbook long enough to fit them without folding, though. I’m sure there must be something out there sized for newspaper clippings.

Today I got to go back and visit this Santa, taking him a copy of the article for his approval. He laughed his way through it and gave it a white-gloved thumbs up. Very cool.

Hope you are having a great weekend – not too stuffed still, are you?


Urp – scuse me, please.

So – the Girl did a terrific job on the bird as seen here at Lessa’s place. Everything was delicious. Paw-Paw moosie showed the Boy how to carve – I showed the Girl how to make gravy. Lessa showed the Girl how to bake a turkey (which, even SHE will say was a stretch. heh)

Thank you all for a wonderful day!

Lessa and I agreed that we have never done so many dishes – although she cheats because she has a dishwasher. My automatic dishwasher consists of my two hands.


The Pup made sure she was center of attention several times – and that is a good thing.


Is Christmas Comes to Kenai day. The Pup and Lessa went to the festivities this morning. I understand they were first (or near first) in line and were back home in short order after seeing Santa and giving him the list. Tonight is the annual bonfire and fireworks (what? you think we have fireworks on July 4th – when the sun is shining 24×7?) with Christmas carols and hot chocolate around the fire.

Sorry – I will be here – snugged up in front of a movie, I’m sure. I’ve been there – done that – and really, don’t have to prove myself an Alaskan any longer.

I’m very nearly to the “sourdough” status – you know, sour on Alaska but not enough dough to leave.

naw – just kidding.

Enjoy the leftovers, everyone. Or – as we say in our family, enjoy the reruns.


Ummmm – delicious smells abound – even though I am not cooking the turkey.

I did cut up and cook down some turkey bones from an older bird – it was a bit freezer burnt, so we thought it not wise to use that bird for the T-giving main course. Nothing wrong with most of it, though, so I have been a busy moosie.

Yummy broth came from that bird – it is being used for noodles and the dressing. Some of the turkey meat will be used in the gravy which will go over the brown butter mashed potatoes.

By the way – if you are at all unsure about how to cook anything today, please leave here immediately and go over to visit CNL at the Purple Porch. She has PICTURES! And, just repeat after her . . . we rinse stuff off – because we don’t know where it’s been!