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They scurry and scamper
On feet so spry – so fleet
Into one ear
Bouncing around in my brain
Slipping quickly into
The nether regions of
My mind
Then out again
Into the bigger

I grasp and try to
Bring them back
These ideas
These flitting pieces
Of wisdom
Of brilliance
And then

I awake
They are gone
And I am left bereft
Missing them
Those tiny thoughts
That could be so

The bulb dims
The candle flickers
What once was gray
No longer matters
Is no longer within

Memo to self
Write the brilliance down!


100 words – in nearly as many lines – for the current 100 Word challenge by Ms. Tara. Now, you go on over and write your 100, won’t you?

Eddie wrapped his cloak tighter around his body, then shrugged as the wind whipped it out of his grasp. Striding with purpose down Boylston Street, his mind whirled with stanzas and verse.

He was considered a bad boy in his day; a rabble rouser. It made no difference to him. He laughed and cried, “pot meet kettle” going about his way.

Today his mind was whirling as he struggled with just the right words to cap his latest poem. A cluck and caw sounded. He lifted his head.

“No longer. No, that doesn’t work. Quoth the raven, nevermore!” That’s it!

Written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge: CLOAK.

Eddie, of course, is Edgar Allen Poe. Last week Boston unveiled a statue to Eddie near the site of his family home. I am excited at the timing as I will be visiting Boston next week and plan to see this monument – as well as walk the Freedom Trail.

. . . and, yes . . . that IS the Telltale Heart tumbling from his briefcase.

Come down to the water
My true love sang to me
Come see the sailing ships
And watch the tide with me

Come down to the water
I called back to my love
Let’s seek shells and toss
Pebbles, and rescue starfish

Come down to the water
Let’s watch the sun sink
‘neath waves turned golden
With its waning light

Let’s sit together at the wharf
Dangling our feet and laugh
As waves tickle our toes
And crust them with salt

Oh, do come down
To the water with me
It is there life begins and
Where our love remains
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word challenge WHARF. Photo is from a day trip my love and I took to Homer over the weekend. I belong in Homer – someday – someday I shall live there.

If you could see me,
The power within my soul
If you could hear me,
The joy within my being
If you could feel me,
The life force within

Then I could
The one you desire
The one you love
The one you need

If I could see you,
The me within your heart
If I could hear you,
The desire in you
If I could feel you,
The you I want to feel

Then we could
The two in desire
The two in love
The two in need
If only
100 words in poetic form . . . written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word challenge: Recognize – celebrating National Poetry Month.

sun sifts morning clouds
lake ripples quietly soft
my heart is at peace

This picture was taken August 28th when hubbymoose and I drove to Anchorage for the day. Beautiful Kenai Lake. Post is written for Trifecta Writing Challenge: HAIKU.