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A few weeks ago hubbymoose came home and found a man near our house who had sunk his truck (u-haul van) up to its hubs in soft mud. He offered to help. It took a few tries – hubby has an explorer – but eventually there was success. The man, who was down from Anchorage to work on a trailer, was grateful and offered to pay. Hubby shook his hand and said, that’s what neighbors do.

About a week later the man came down to our house to talk to hubby. “I see your house needs painted. I’m going to do that.” Hubby said we didn’t have the money to do that and the man shook his head. “I didn’t ask for money. I’m going to paint your house.”

And that was that.

We had about two weeks of drippy, rainy weather. We went about our normal work schedules and forgot about the offer.

A week ago Dexter showed up with a helper and began to scrape the house. They talked together and laughed – oh, how they laughed. That, in turn, caused hubby and me to laugh. We looked at each other and said, “at least they’re having fun.”

Two days ago they came back, armed with ladders, paint and equipment they would need. The taping began. More talk. More laughter. “Can we treat you to a pizza?” “No, Ms. Barbara. We fine. We fine.” The painting began. It met the neighbors approval. They came back yesterday and got the trim finished. We did treat them to Burger Bus and shared laughter around our table last night.

There is still a bit of finish work to be done. It will get done in due time.

We are humbled and blessed by these two men.

The sign on the side of their truck – GDEW. Hubbymoose asked the meaning . . . God Does Excellent Work.

Yes, yes he does. We are thankful.



state of the house BEFORE Dexter showed up . . . last paint about 20 years ago.

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and, how it looks today. They even painted the bunkhouse behind the house!




I spent this morning washing windows and curtains. Hubby asked me to make sure people know that you just never know people. You just never know how your kindness might be repaid. It is not why we do such things, but it is always a blessing when such things happen. I asked one of the men if they were believers. He said, “yes, Ms. Barbara.” I then told him how much he was blessing my husband’s heart by what they were doing.

Pass it on, folks. Pass it on.

The Lord’s my rock. In Him I hide. A shelter in the time of storm.

Jenna’s throaty alto contrasted with the younger, higher sopranos at First Raptured Assembly Church. She rocked back on her heels, lifted her face, and raised her hands in praise.

Glorys were shouted and Hallelujahs rang. Pastor Jamieson danced on the altar and clutched his hanky, dabbing at his lips.

“Praise God, sisters and brothers, praise God-a! We are in the presence-a of the Father today-a. Let the Holy Ghost-a lift you up-a to the Throne. The storms assail, but we prevail. Hallelelujah!”

Outside thunder rolled.
Our country has had a wild few days weather-wise. People place their faith in many things. I imagine that many sang this hymn and clung to the hope that their Shelter would hold fast.

Written for Lance’s 100 Word Song wherein he chose Bob Dylan’s Shelter from the Storm.

The perfect Three – Father, Son, Spirit
shining brightly in her soul
together, molding her broken heart
into a perfect whole
her own mind, body, spirit
obedient to the Father’s will
now being done

This week’s Trifextra challenge is to write 33 words using the Rule of Three somewhere among them. It will be community judges – so if you’re reading and you like, please head on over and click my link. (as soon as the voting boxes show up, of course.)

Awhile back I wrote about the blessing of being footloose and cancer free. Today I can write about how my doctors hate me/love me.

No, they really LOVE me! It’s just that some might think a person hates you if he tells you to go on, get out and get on with your life. But to me, that just rings of TRUE LOVE.

And, that is what I heard Monday from my internist. Yeah, I never had an internist before, either. Not until January 20th when I had that pesky little heart attack thing going on. Now I have an internist (or two or three) and a cardiologist – in addition to my urologist from the kidney cancer thang.

And, the all just LOVE me! I am good to go. I am to get out and get on with my life. They are shaking their heads and just saying hmmmmm.

Hmmmm as in – you are now cancer free – come back in six months (instead of the originally planned 3 months).

Hmmmm as in – your bloodwork is FANTASTIQUE! – get outta here – you don’t hafta come back for a YEAR!

Whoot! Just makes this old moosie’s heart go beating on its merry little way.

Oh! and my numbers from that pesky little lipid panel they made me go through? Check out these babies!

Cholesterol = 137
HDL = 52
LDL = 68
Triglycerides = 85

Do you wonder why my doctors all love me? I am in GREAT shape for the shape that I’m in – disgustingly healthy. And, it is SO nice to leave them wondering, you know? yeah!

Cancer Free!

Saw the urologist yesterday for my first followup since the surgery. I’d had the required bloodwork and CAT scan done earlier this month and he was now looking at the results.

He walked in and said – I am good to go. In fact, rather than seeing me again in three months, I do not have to go back for SIX months! Yay! I’ll need another CAT scan and a chest x-ray at that time – just to check things out.

Still have cysts on the left kidney he is watching.

And, he noticed a “white spot” near the right kidney he was wondering about – until he looked and realized that it is the scar tissue drawing up over the spot where the lipoma was removed.

Cancer free! I expected nothing less, of course. You know that when God works a miracle, it stays worked. Right? Right!

We had a great time in Ohio last week. I’ll write about it next time.