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File this under “Things that make you feel just a wee bit better”

Just checked my insurance provider online to see if any new claims had come in for this recent spate of doctor and hospital visits . . . and, my precious, lovely insurer has paid my surgeon’s fees IN TOTAL! How truly awesome is that!?

I must say that when I saw the total of his bill in the “In Process” section yesterday I cringed just a bit. Okay, I cringed A LOT!

Don’t see the hospital bill on there yet – they have the hospital’s pharmacy bill online (and paid!) – at least part of the pharmacy bills. I imagine it is only part of it. Will likely see more tomorrow when I check.

I complain every fiscal year when our insurance does its little dance. Sometimes it is just no fun to work for a non-profit – usually when it is time for the insurance dance. One year our deductible went up to $2000! Ouch! This year it went back down to $1000, but I have to pay double last year’s amount for Mr. Moosie’s coverage. Ouch again!

But it is at times like these that I am most thankful. I owe a portion of the CT scan to the hospital still, but the doctor (at least one of them) has been paid in full. I don’t see anything from the other guy yet, but imagine it is coming, too.

Among other things to thank and praise God for is His awesome timing in shoving me off to the doctors. My deductible was met after the first docs visits and the CT scan. The rest is pretty much covered at 100%. Whoot!

Today was a good day. I went to church this morning, sang with the worship team and sang at the end of the service with another young woman while the children’s “hand choir” performed. They use sign language as their ministry. Kiddos from age 5 and up. The Pup shone in her bright red dress and beautiful blonde hair.


I did get tired, though. Came home and snoozed a bit in my chair off and on. Am thinking about trying my bed tonight. I have been sleeping in the recliner since coming home from the hospital. But, I think I might be able to lie flat – especially since I have not had to get up and run for the br every half hour lately.

TMI? Nah, you can handle it – especially after the Moosie Unplugged entry. lol

Have a great week everyone!