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Joe adjusted the microphone, cleared his throat, winced at the feedback.

Life is fragile, my friends
Lacie accepted that

Her life was a tenuous thread
Woven ‚Äėround you and me

The day that thread was cut
Severing her earthly tether
Was the day Lacie


This reading room is dedicated to
Her improbable, impromptu

She lives on here
She lives on in our hearts

Joe turned from the podium, tugged on the tasseled cord and revealed the eclectic library behind him. Amid colorful chairs and rugs was a mural of Lacie surrounded by and reading to hordes of children.
Loving having VV back with us, challenging us. This is in answer to her current well-packed challenge FRAGILE. Go on over and give her 100 of your words.

Have just updated my “Moose Browse” section – books I’ve read in 2012. I’m currently reading Circle of Quiet by Medeleine L’Engle.

I have no idea how long I’ve had the book – nor why I have not read it before this. You will notice from looking at the list just for this year that I have very eclectic tastes in books. Actually I have eclectic tastes in just about everything. It’s part of my mysterious charm. (snerk!) I have stacks of books – purchased, gifted, taken from dumpsters – you get the idea. Generally whatever floats to the top of the stack is my choice.

I am really enjoying this read. Just to let you know how I read books – I either get caught up in them and LOVE them . . . or I toss them . . . within the first few pages. Your writing has to GRAB me to keep me. You can make me cry, laugh, rage, love, etc. and I will love your writing and continue reading just for those different reasons.

It took me a couple of chapters to realize that this is a story ABOUT Madeleine herself, written in her hand. Well, duh, Moosie! No, the flyleaf didn’t tell me that. It took me getting INTO the book to realize it. But, rather than put me off, I am charmed by the concept. It is especially touching that she writes of teaching a group of writers at OSU (Ohio State University) which is in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

What in the world was I doing in 1972 when she was teaching this? Why didn’t I know about it, go to it . . .????

Oh, wait. Yeah. 1972. That was the year of raising my toddler, being a wife and mama. It was the year before I lost my own Mama. Oh, yeah. I was otherwise preoccupied with LIFE.

Back then I read a different genre – although even then I had eclectic tastes. I read almost exclusively romance novels. (don’t be a hater – I was young) But I also read (and cringed my way through as a newly pregnant mama) Rosemary’s Baby. Probably not the best choice for a pregnant person, but oh my it was gripping.

These days I’m involved in writer’s prompts to keep me attacking the words. However, I find that if I am not READING as well, my brain shrivels and the writing is harder.

How about you??? What are you reading, writing?

Trying to get sleepy enough to sleep through the night – last night was rough. Hubby had a restless night full of tossings and turnings and snorings and snufflings . . . and I did the unforgivable – I looked at the clock! Argh! That, of course, meant I was unable to go back to sleep. So I got up, made my way to my chair and rested there, falling asleep just as my phone alarm went off. Typical.

So, while I am trying to be sleepy enough to go to sleep and stay there until 6 a.m., I’ve added two sub-pages for my pleasure. Maybe you will enjoy as well.

First – Crafty Moose: I want to track the amount of knitting I do in 2012, and this seems like a good way to do it. So far this year I have completed several hats and two scarves. On the needles I have another hat and a gift for one of my friends whose birthday is next week.

Second – Moose Browse: the names of books I have read in 2012. I read a lot . . . but I would like to slog my way through (and pass on) the huge pile of books collecting dust. So I am challenging myself to read – and list the books. So far, 4 for the year and I am reading a 5th.

Next week I am taking annual leave to celebrate my birthday. I hope to sleep in at least on Monday (best laid plans and that). I really should clean my house (nahhhhhh) one day. On Wednesday I am volunteering for Homeless Connect (where I will donate the hats I’ve made). The rest of the time? Yarn and books are crying out my name. I intend to answer.

So, go on over there to the right and click on the two new sub-pages and let me know your fave books or knits. Enjoy with me.

as if she doesn’t have enough to do – you might all be saying. ūüėČ

I have been writing a column for 451 Press since March – Knitting Passion. It’s about knitting or yarn or yarn shops or crochet – whatever strikes my fancy. I get paid a portion of ad revenue – but I do it mostly because I enjoy writing – and I enjoy knitting.

I’ve just been invited to do a second column/blog for them – Diabetes Health Talk.

I’m not a diabetic, but Mr. Moose is. And, I have been given his permission to talk about the disease and what it has done in our lives. Of course, I will be trying not to embarrass him – but that may not be totally possible.

Anyway – drop by when you get a chance and post a comment from time to time. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see in the column, let me know that, too.

In the meantime – today is Sunday and I have just witnessed one of Ladybug’s younguns being baptized at their church.¬† D-Man, I am praying for you and will keep you before the Lord’s throne that you might grow into one of His men.

Love you, buddy!

Okay, folks, it is true. It is not only knitters (of which I am one) who have stashes upon stashes . . .  it is also readers (of which I am ONE) who have stashes upon stashes.

I am cleaning out the book stash – and it pains me greatly to do so. I LOVE books, love to read, wish I had more time – or the ability to stay awake longer – to read. Or, in this case, to read these titles again.

But I do not, and I cannot, so I am coming to you all with a proposition.

I live in Alaska – I make my own fun. Yes, indeedy.

The first five – non-family member- folks who post a comment to this post may take their pick of one of the following titles by Alaskan authors. I will be happy to slip the book into the mail to you come Monday. How’s that for a cool deal from a cool purple moose?

I’ve linked the books to their Amazon counterpart so you can make an informed decision on which you might like.

One to a customer, please – and please leave your choice in your comment. I will email you – so make sure you leave a good, working, email address – so that we can exchange mailing addresses.

On your mark – get set – CHOOSE!


Death Takes Passage, by Sue Henry РA Jessie Arnold Mystery (c) 1997

The Music of What Happens by John Straley РA Cecil Younger Mystery (c) 1996

Dead Stick by Megan Mallory Rust РA Taylor Morgan, pilot mystery (c) 1998

and, just because I have way more of her books – AND – because I know some of you really enjoy reading her – here are TWO books by Dana Stabenow:

A Cold Day for Murder Рa Kate Shugak mystery (c) 1992

Fire and Ice – a Liam Campbell mystery (c) 1998

There are nineteen more titles where these came from – so I will likely do this again. It depends on how this go around works. There is just no more room in my (junk) catch-all¬†room so it is time to clear some out. I am not giving up the autographed copies that I have, however. Sorry ’bout that. The family will likely inherit those someday. Yup, I’ve been blessed to have met Dana, John and Sue. Dana and John attended writers group functions and we treated them to dinner before their speaking engagements. I met Sue at the Writers Conference in 2003.

by the way – Lessa and I are attending this year’s Kachemak Bay Writers Conference next weekend. We leave Friday and return Tuesday. Amy Tan is the keynote speaker this year. Woo-hoo!

Okay Рenough from me Рenter comment zone.