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Let’s get married.

What? When?

Now. Let’s hop a train to Vegas and ride the pink Cadillac into the chapel with Elvis. Let’s get hitched, baby.

You’re crazy. We just met. I don’t know why anyone would want me anyway. I’d just push you away. I’d hurt you in the end.

I’m not crazy – I won’t let you push me around. I love you, baby. You know I do. So what we just met? Don’t you believe in love at first sight? Where’s your romance, girl?

Romance? Pfft! You don’t want me. I’m all used up. You don’t want me.

Mel, standing in for Lance and LeeRoy, chose Matchbox 20’s Push for this week’s 100 Word Song challenge. Wonder what will happen to my star-crossed lovers in days to come?

When you overhear ignorance and bigotry what do you do? I am right there with you. I would be in the person’s face decrying that ignorant, intolerant bigotry . . . except . . .

Hubbymoose and I both work for non-profit agencies. We are not in the higher paid positions and so must be careful how we tread among the ignorant, intolerant bigots who live among us. You know the ones I mean – the ones who rant and rave at the top of their lungs in a restaurant full of people.

Our hooves are tied. Speak out – tick the wrong person off – and watch our agencies suffer the backwash. We are not concerned about our jobs, you see. We are more concerned that what we might say would cause problems for our agencies.

He stood at the window contemplating what lay outside as he struggled with what was eating inside – eating away at his inner most self.

Wife gone – no matter, it was a green card marriage in name only.

Daughter gone – way gone on drugs and booze.

Parents gone – okay, almost gone. Aged and infirm.

And he? Being eaten up from the inside out from years of nicotine and alcohol abuse. The docs wanted to start snipping.

He slipped the 38 special over his tongue, aimed for the unseen, innermost parts – pulled the trigger.

In the end he fought back HIS way.
Recently a friend took control of how he would leave this world. These words came from that experience. I cannot condone, but neither can I condemn. I can only grieve.

This is in response to Lance’s 100 Word Song challenge: Picture Perfect by I Hate Kate. What is your feedback from the chosen song?

You took my heart – tossed it aside
Wore me down – took me as your bride
Looked down at me with your lofty airs
Sent me into a world of despair

You took my heart – tore it in two
Stomped on it with your oversized shoe
Told me I’m stupid – deserved that shit
Turned me on to drugs – then dared me to quit

You took my heart – threw it away
Tossed it aside – left it to decay
Beat me down both inside and out
About my worthiness left me to doubt

You took my heart – I loved you despite
The hell you put me through every night
You took my heart – I’m taking it back
You took my heart – I’m. Taking. It. Back!

graphic from this site.
Dedicated to the 48% Alaskan women.

This week’s Trifecta Writing challenge is to write 33-333 words on DECAY.

this is a tree in Vesta’s yard. It says so much about her.

I will observe your passing as you would have me do

I will . . .

look to the heavens

look to the sun

gaze on the moon and the stars on the clear black night

glory in the flight of the eagle, warring with the raven over a dripping salmon

pull my loved ones closer to me and hug them with all my might

shout your name to the winds from the bluff

whisper your name to my aching heart

I will miss you, my Sister-Friend

Trifecta’s challenge this week is to use the word OBSERVE in its third definition:

to celebrate or solemnize (as a ceremony or festival) in a customary or accepted way

I received a call yesterday that a dear friend had passed away from a brain aneurysm. We lost her twin last November. Vesta was a mentor to me – a sister-friend to me. She loved me, admonished me, challenged me, LOVED me. I will miss her greatly.