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Winter cleaves to river banks refusing to let go. It’s a tenuous hold at best. All things come to an end.

Go, winter!

Another farewell: trifecta. You’ve made us richer. So long. Be well.
Picture taken today (by me), 3-28-14, along the Kenai River banks in Soldotna.

Written for trifecta . . . although it appears I missed the link-up. 🙁

Is it a bad thing? That John and I are no longer together? I don’t think so – my parents do, but then – they paid for the wedding. I guess they have the right.
Trifecta asked for 33 words about love gone wrong . . . these are mine squeaking in at the very last minute. Oh, by the way . . . there were forbidden words: love, sad, tears, wept, heart, pain. Makes it a little tougher.
🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. With or without a lover, go and have a chocolate.

Thomas Leuthard / Foter / CC BY

Andrea glanced into the café and saw her again. Head down, surrounded by books, studying. Too much brain work, she thought. Silly! Come play at the beach with me. Heedless, Stephanie studied on.
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The Trifecta challenge this week is a photo challenge. My eyes immediately went to the woman in the background, reflected in the glass. What might she be thinking?

This year we all
Brought snowmen
To the gift exchange
We feared we
Might be fired
For pranking
Our boss, but it
Took her until
Gift number 8
To realize
She’d been had

for the Trifecta LOL challenge

The cursor taunts me as I try to think of 33 perfectly rounded words with which to dazzle you all. It blinks, I blink. And so I write the most clever words of

blue screen – cursor blinking – trifecta’s 33 the mind boggles.