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We all have demons. Mostly we keep them tempered and out of sight of everyone. We try doubly hard to keep demons at bay where our loved ones are concerned.

For the most part.

And, then there is that one time when they fly – right out of your brain through your heart and out of your mouth. They, set free, wreak havoc on all those around.

Hearts are twisted. Loves are deflated. Relationships are harmed.

All for that one word set free from the demon’s mouth.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I will temper my demons.


We’ll see.

Written for Ms. Tara’s 100 Word Challenge. The word, as you might have guessed, is DEMON. Now, go and write your own.

It had been a rough night. The men who were part of the perpetrators’ class had been in rare form, argumentative and rowdy.

One man in particular had escalated when challenged on his beliefs. Nothing the facilitators could say seemed to calm him down. Even the other men in class had begun to withdraw from him.

“We have to call her. Her husband left class agitated and I’m afraid for her safety. I’ll ask the advocates to call and to check with her; do some safety planning with her.”

It’s not just our duty. It’s the human thing to do.

Written for the 100 Word Challenge: Prompt is DUTY. My work includes classes with perpetrators. We have a strict Duty to Warn when something like the above happens. It does not happen often, thankfully.

I once fantasized about becoming a nun, taking the habit. I would be a Bride of Christ, with vows of poverty and, occasionally, silence.

I contacted Mother Superior for the order teaching in my small parochial school. Mother answered my letters with wisdom, humility and love. She encouraged me to pray, to seek if this was God’s will for me.

In high school my world was expanded. Still parochial school, but several schools combined. Options! I met my heART when we were only 15.

I shucked the habit and took on a ring to become the bride of Art. No regrets.

Valentine's dinner smooch 2016

Valentine’s dinner smooch 2016


Written for Tara’s 100 Word Challenge, this is a second version of the prompt HABIT. True stories are sometimes better than fiction. 🙂

Paper. Reams and reams of paper. Not your normal sized paper. We are talking 70 inches plus.

This was my life for well over 20 years. Our family owned a small print shop and spent a lot of time there working together. A lot of time.

We printed 500 business cards or thousands of full-color brochures. Our customers ranged from small business to the hospital and college. Everyone needed paper covered by ink, folded just so.

Until copiers came on scene making most printing presses obsolete. Our business closed. We went toward different careers.

The world needs paper. I still smell the ink.

(not ours, but very similar to our Heidelburg press. We printed thousands of brochures using that press – one color at a time – one side at a time. It was an art – run by Art.)

Written for the 100 Word Challenge as hosted by Tara. The word this week is PAPER. Now, you go find some paper and jot down your 100.

They scurry and scamper
On feet so spry – so fleet
Into one ear
Bouncing around in my brain
Slipping quickly into
The nether regions of
My mind
Then out again
Into the bigger

I grasp and try to
Bring them back
These ideas
These flitting pieces
Of wisdom
Of brilliance
And then

I awake
They are gone
And I am left bereft
Missing them
Those tiny thoughts
That could be so

The bulb dims
The candle flickers
What once was gray
No longer matters
Is no longer within

Memo to self
Write the brilliance down!


100 words – in nearly as many lines – for the current 100 Word challenge by Ms. Tara. Now, you go on over and write your 100, won’t you?