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My most important piece of advice to young women would be to expand their minds. They should read all the time. I don’t think the world will survive without the minds of women.


The above words are from Mildred Keith Stark as quoted in Women’s Voices: The Wisdom of the Grandmothers complied by Alaskan author Susan Stark Christianson. Link for more information. I was privileged to meet Susan and have a copy of her book in my office.

The challenge from our trusty trifecta editors is to find 33 words from a bigger publication, share them and link them. There are many inspiring words in this book. It is beautiful to see.

So long 2012, it was good to see you come, better to see you go. There have been challenges and blessings galore in this year and I’m happy to say I survive to welcome the year 2013.

2012 saw losses in the PurpleMoose clan: hubbymoose lost his last aunt, and one of his very best friends. PM lost her very best friend as well as a long-ago love. Each loss took a piece of our hearts to the grave.

2012 saw blessings as well: grandchildren who are growing, thriving and, even at the age of the eldest (nearing 21), still unashamed to yell my name across a crowded store, following with a giant hug. Daughters are thriving and loving, both old and new loves. Hubbymoose and I will celebrate our 44th anniversary come May 10th.

Something to look forward to in 2013: I will reach the ripe old age of 21. Wait! What? Didn’t you say you had a grandson who will soon be 21? Ah, yes, you caught me out.

January is my birth month. I will turn 63 on the 27th. How did I arrive at 21? Well, my fave number is 3 and 63 divided by 3 is 21.  Yes, yes I am silly. But I am having fun with it.

Want to join in my birthday fun? Want to be a survivor like me? It’s simple. I don’t want presents. I want the joy of seeing you all pass on the joy and love for others. Do a random act of kindness in my birthday honor, then comment below here with what you did. Make sure you leave me your email address so I can reach you later.

Why do I want to reach you? I am going to place the comments into a number generator and pick at least 3. Those 3 people will receive a hand-knitted washcloth/dishcloth from me. My birthday present to YOU.

Game? You have 27 days until my birthday.

With love, the Moose.

The Trifecta challenge this week is survive using the third definition below.

1: to remain alive after the death of (he is survived by his wife)
2: to continue to exist or live after (survived the earthquake)
3: to continue to function or prosper despite : withstand (they survived many hardships)

To celebrate my birthday, I decided to hold a little Random Acts of Kindness challenge – with all commenters taking part. Here is what you might win at the end of the challenge: (it will be completed – promise)

Sunrises each morning
over Cook Inlet
Sun sinking behind Mt. Redoubt
Family gathered ‘round
Hubby’s soft snores
Grandchildren who love me
And the One who paid it all
These are my favorite things

after a “racey” challenge at the beginning of the week, the Trifecta editors have asked for 33 words only on our favorite things. This? More my style – so much easier to write. And the picture? Taken by me overlooking “the Bluff” in downtown Kenai 10-3-12.

New Jersey Governor Christie blames mixed messages from Atlantic City mayor. . .

and the mayor strikes back.

Meanwhile . . . all of the major media continue to send reporters out into dangerous situations to make their reports. Last night I saw reporters nearly blown off their feet in hurricane-force winds, standing in knee deep water, wading out into humongo waves to show how deep the water was in the parking lot; this morning standing in the aftermath needing to wear glasses to protect against the needle sharp sand.

PEOPLE!! What is wrong with you? Even my 13 year old granddaughter said, “Gramma, if they told me to go out into that weather I would use two letters . . . N – O!”

That’s my gorlie. 13 and standing up for herself. May it ever be so.

And, really . . . if you get off by watching other folks in dangerous situations, why don’t YOU try it for a change. Or, better yet . . . write the media and tell them how silly it is.

I heard a radio talk show host this morning (local) remind us that we (US) have invested millions of $$ in inventing robo-cams and the like . . . for heaven’s sake – USE THEM!!


carry on.

be safe.
I searched for media and Sandy and caught these two images. The first, I believe, is Al Roker from NBC Today Show – re-posted in an article flaming media going out in the storm:

The second is of a father and his son standing in the pre-Sandy waves:

Which leads to my question of media showing the public how to take risks and chances and wondering how many people are injured just for the sake of a picture.


No, not the halloweenie type BOO! – CARIBOU! At the top of the hill coming out of Soldotna heading for Kenai this afternoon. Took the shots through my snow splattered windshield because I didn’t want to spook the trio by pulling up alongside of them. Traffic was bad enough. So, I shot through the windshield and then had to adjust a bit. The color is off – but not a whole lot due to the white, wet stuff that was falling. Anyway – it’ll give you a taste of some more ‘laskan wildlife (other than the occasional purple moose). Click for larger versions.