So, what will the Moose be knitting in the year 2012? I plan to post pictures here as I knit merrily along. We’ll see how long it lasts – the posting, not the knitting.

MARCH 2012



These are freeform – that is, I am not using a pattern, just casting on and knitting away. These fit my head, so are a nice size for a woman or teen. I’ve just cast on another using a bit heavier yarn with larger needles. All washable to make things easier.

In addition my boss asked me to make some things for her – some of the crafting I completed before the first of the year, but I did complete two of these scarves after the first – so they rate a place here as well:

And, for a dear friend’s birthday:these mitts are worked sideways on straight needles – then joined. At that point you can leave them as fingerless mitts or place the work on dpns and make the into mittens. I chose mittens, but wanted to show how it looks as a mitt as well. The second picture is to show the pattern. It’s done in a repeat of 4 rows.
edited 2/14/2012

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