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Have been busily attending grandkiddos’ concerts the past couple of weeks. Last night was The Boy’s. Lessa has put up a coupla soundbites of last night’s concert. I am still in awe at the sound that comes from these children. (yes, I know the Boy is getting older, but he is STILL my grandbaby #1)

If you will go and listen in to the Boy’s choir, you will understand why we are so inordinately proud of them all.

This is not something I usually do – you all know that. I generally promote something that you are all involved in. But, this time, it is for the Boy. We (our family is a WE, btw – none of us stands alone) will find a way to make sure he gets to go on this trip. If you find it in your heart to help, you will gain much joy – really, you will.

And, if you cannot, we understand that as well. There are so many causes – so many THINGS we can contribute to each day. And, that is okay.

Do go and enjoy a couple of short sound bites from last night’s concert, though. It will bring you joy.

Soooooooo – what’s going on in YOUR neck of the woods?






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Rocking and rolling on the Big Island

Oh my goodness! When I came home from church this morning hubby told me about the earthquake in Paradise. I am concerned for a friend who lives in Hilo. We have lost touch since she quit blogging and I don’t know if she checks this blog any longer or not.

Paradise Ali – if you see this, drop me a note – or comment here – so that I know you are okay.

Also wondering about Steve/Linkmeister – although he is on a different island. And, Tina, too. All of y’alls – you all let me know you’re okay – okay?



Hey there, friends – I have a little story to tell you

Our oldest grandson is a freshman this year. (It nearly breaks my heart to have to admit that I am old enough to have a GRANDson that age, btw! Hahaha)

He is a member of the choir at the school and has just been named to the Honor Choir which will result in two days spent learning under an out of state choirmaster and a resultant concert. It is, indeed, an honor for a freshman to be named to this choir, btw.

Another honor is a choir trip next spring to Europe. Yes, I said Europe. (Both of my daughters have gone to Europe and now a grandson – and I have yet to see the shores across the pond.) We are all excited that he is going to get this chance. 

As you might imagine, such a trip – two weeks in Spain and France – sightseeing and singing in huge, very old, cathedrals – is a bit expensive. Lessa tells all about it at her site – complete with itinerary.

Please read – and if you can, please help. And, if you can’t help, please pray for this group of energetic, very normal, but from small town america, teenagers (and chaperones) off in the wilds wonders of Europe.

Lessa will be appreciative. The Boy will as well. The moose? She already loves you all. Thank you in advance.


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